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10 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

With the way Lagos men are moving left, it has become very important to do some research even while you are in a relationship with them. Hence, there are some important questions to ask your boyfriend.

It has come to notice that some of you babes just fall into relationships anyhow without asking the important questions, then you start seeing ‘true colors’ later. 

Especially if you are dating a Yoruba or Urhobo man… those people hide their wickedness under their beards. So, you need to know how you escape their traps. 

Apart from questions like ‘What’s your body count?’ and ‘What’s your wildest fantasy?’ which might lead to tears, there are other important questions that you should ask your boyfriend.

This article has questions you should ask during your talking stage as a lady to avoid delayed madness and stories that touch. 

Questions you must ask your boyfriend

What’s your genotype?

Some of you fall in love with people you are not supposed to because of their height and smile. Very unfocused people! 

Important things like genotype that can determine the trajectory of a lot of things, you will not ask. Na so so “where is the wildest place you’ve done it?” you go dey ask.

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This genotype question is so important as it determines if you can spend your life together, especially if you plan to have children.

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What are your most important values? 

Values are important. It determines how a person lives their life. If you are dating a man, you want to know the things that are non-negotiable for him. 

And the best way to know these is to know his values. Does he think hard work is important? Does he esteem kindness? 

These are more important than his body count, please. 

Describe yourself in 3 words

Personally, I prefer this question to asking what your values are.  If he is a proper Nigerian guy, he’ll probably google something sharp and tell you, because let’s be frank, anybody can decide honesty, charity, and faith are their values. 

But when you ask a person to describe themselves, it shows you so many things. Their response determines how self-aware they are. You can see their level of arrogance and self-esteem from their response. 

How do you deal with anger? 

This is so important! 

Let’s be realistic, we all get angry, things frustrate us. But that is not the problem. The problem is how we manage our anger. 

You don’t want someone who will punch you at the slightest provocation. Or someone who will get angry at you for no reason. Even though anger is justifiable, it should have a cause.

You also don’t want someone who will just remain mute while being angry. Communication is important, so ask your boyfriend how he handles anger. 

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Do you want to get married? 

Some people do not want to get married and that’s okay. The only problem with that is if the person you are with wants to get married.

Imagine being with a person for 7 years and you are thinking that it’s definitely leading to marriage. And your partner on the other hand is on a cruise level.

This can be very painful. So it’s important that you check with your partner if they are interested in tying the knot. 

Do you like to travel? 

Imagine being a traveler and being with a person who doesn’t like traveling. He wouldn’t even understand why you see the need to bounce all around town while he is at home. 

Ask questions like “Are you adventurous?” “Do you like to see the world and other cultures?” “Are you scared of flying or sea travel?” 

Before you plan a surprise for someone that’ll faint inside the plane. 

What is your love language? 

Omo, this question is constantly a problem on Nigerian Twitter. 

You need to know your love language and you need to know your partner’s love language. Knowing your boyfriend’s love language will help you know how he prefers to be loved. 

If he loves words of affection, acts of service, or gifts, you can know if you want to run or save up your money to gift man.

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Question 8 – What do you like about me? 

You can’t be with a man just because you like him or because he asked you out. You should know why he specifically chose to be with you. 

And don’t let him get away with generic answers like ‘What’s there not to like?’ I mean what’s there not to like but that’s not what you asked him. 

Press on, till you get to the bottom of the matter! 

He should have answers to why he chose to stay with you, and those answers will help you determine if your relationship is superficial or not. 

Who did you vote for in the last elections? 

With all that is going on in this country, and in the world at large, it is expedient that you know the answer to this question. Just so you can know who or what you are dating. 

If you want to go further, check his Twitter account, and vet his tweets.

This will help you know if you can rest here or run for your life! 

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What makes you truly happy? 

You know how men are generally not in tune with their feelings, so you should probably expect answers like football, and money. Or if he is a religious one, Jesus. 

But do not take that for an answer. Ask him about moments in his life when he felt most fulfilled and proud of himself. Moments where he truly cried out of joy.

These are determinants of what truly makes him happy. 

Questions to ask your boyfriend: In conclusion 

These questions are just a guideline, there are tons of other questions you could ask.  

The important thing to note is this, to get to know your boyfriend, please ask questions.