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10-year-old genius surpasses Einstein, set to earn dual engineering degrees at US university

An extraordinary 10-year-old girl named Adhara Pérez has set an unprecedented achievement in the world of engineering. She surpassed the IQ scores of renowned geniuses, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Adhara’s exceptional abilities were discovered at 6 when she completed middle school and went on to finish high school at the tender age of 8.

The smart girl was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and faced cruel treatment from her classmates and teachers, who did not recognize her potential. Despite this. Adhara persevered and was later identified as a gifted child at an institute.

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She was offered a scholarship to study for two degrees in Industrial Engineering in Mathematics and Systems Engineering. Her studies took place at CNCI and UNITEC Institute of Technology, respectively.

Adhara’s journey was made possible through the kind invitation of the President of the University of Arizona, Robert C. Robbins. Having an eye for potentials, he sent her a letter welcoming her to study at their institution.

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14-year-old black girl bags Master’s degree in Engineering

In other news, a brilliant girl named Dorothy Jean Tillman bagged a Master’s degree at age 14. She achieved it at Unity College in Maine, United States.

The teenager hails from Chicago, United States and has had an astounding academic history that begins at babyhood.

When she was just 8 months old, she began talking. At age 4, she had already started doing maths.