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12 shocking causes of One chance, meaning of one chance, solutions and how to prevent one chance

What is one chance? We provide the best answer to this question, please read on as we discuss the 12 shocking causes of One chance.

What is one chance, meaning, causes, solutions and how to prevent it

There is an old English idiom describing one chance in a million as an extremely rare or unlikely possibility of an event occurring. There is also a 2013 drama staring James Corden and Julie Walters. We are not referencing the TV Serioes One Mo’ Chance with Kamal Givens, Faith Jeffereies or Tiffiany walker. No, it’s not Phyno’s 2015 hit featuring Kranium. However, here in Nigeria, when asked the question What is One chance, meaning, causes, solutions and how does one prevent it.

What is the meaning of one chance?

One chance is a bad situation with usually a slim to none escape route. One chance also means that bad actions usually involving criminal activities, scamming, fraud or forgery involving an innocent victim and a villain that has somehow managed to get away. One Chance is used very commonly in Nigerian Pidgin English.

Pocket pickers on public transportation is an example of entering one chance in Nigeria

Where is one chance a common occurrence

One chance is common in cities and urban metropolitan areas like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Ibadan, Accra, Kumasi, and other large West African countries.

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Why is one chance common in Nigeria

One chance is common in Nigeria due to lack of security and areas with high population. Another reason why one chance is common in Lagos or Abuja is because it is very easy to get away with such criminal acts due to lack or proper security.

Burglary and Robbery is synonymous to one chance

How is one chance used in Nigeria

One chance is used in Nigerian Pidgin English as if one steps into it. Think of it like a room you entered into. In Nigeria, “you don enter one chance” means you have just fallen a victim or you have just been scammed.

What are shocking examples of one chance in Nigeria

One chance can occur in various ways, from entering the wrong bus, to beating someone up to taking advantage of visitors to scamming the ill-advised. Read here for testimonials and details of one chance examples.

12 shocking causes of one chance in Nigeria?

We highlight the 12 shocking causes of one chance and what one needs to be on guard for when visiting Nigeria.

  1. Unemployment
  2. Lack of Security
  3. Poverty
  4. Corruption
  5. Lack of infrastructure
  6. Materialism
  7. Nepotism
  8. Tribalism
  9. Bribery
  10. Immediate gratification
  11. Thuggery
  12. Broken Judicial system and Lawlessness

7 Tips on How to prevent one chance

  1. Stay alert
  2. Carry a pepper spray and any other personal security items like a pocket knife
  3. Follow your instinct
  4. Do not travel alone at night
  5. avoid entering private vehicles pretending to be public transportation alternatices
  6. Do not board vehicles at un-designated stop stations, bus-stops or parks
  7. File a police report immediately you think you have been a victim of one chance