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17 Bold Ladies Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Hair is an important feature of a woman’s body as it adds beauty, confidence, and style to her overall looks. Choosing the best Ladies Hairstyles is one serious task you mustn’t joke with.

Ladies’ Hairstyles

After clothes and other accessories, your hair is the next thing people notice about you. You must wear the best ladies’ Hairstyle to look smart and adorable. 

From simple ponytails to intricate braids, modern hair styling has revolutionized over the years, providing women with various options suitable for any occasion or preference.

Gone are the days when women’s hairstyles were restricted to just a few styles. It’s time to embrace new and trendy haircuts and hairstyles that suit your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a tour of various ladies’ hairstyles and explain how to choose the right style for you.


Best Ladies Hairstyles in 2024

Because a  good hairstyle can enhance a woman’s beauty and make her stand out in a crowd, making the right choice when it comes to ladies’ hairstyles is a very important task.

To help you with this, I’ve listed the best hairstyles for ladies The best ladies hairstyles are:

  1. Ladies Bun Hairstyle
  2. Short Natural Ladies Hairstyles
  3. Ghana weaving Ladies Hairstyle
  4. Cornrow hairstyles for ladies
  5. Afro hair Style for Ladies 
  6. Dreadlocks Ladies Hair Style
  7. Fixing Hairstyles For Ladies
  8. Crotchet Hairstyles For Ladies
  9. Ponytail Hairstyles
  10. Curls Hair Style
  11. Knotless Braids
  12. Pixie Braid
  13. Twin Braids

These styles are suitable for young and older ladies, black and white, and the best part,  for whatever occasion. No long talk. Let’s get started.

1. Ladies Bun Hairstyle

bun hairstyles for women

This beautiful and simple hairstyle is suitable for young and older ladies. It is made by packing the hair upwards (to make up a bun) or downwards (for a lower bun). The gathered part is then knotted at the end.

The bun hairstyles can be traced back to Ancient Greek women, with the initial name as the Greek knot. It is commonly used for traditional weddings. 

It can either be done with natural hair or with an extension. But whether natural or not,  buns give ladies an innocent look with an irresistible appearance that men find very attractive.

2. Short Natural Ladies Hairstyles

This is one of the best but rare ladies’ Hairstyles common in Africa. If you are tired of your chemically-treated hair and just want to start all over again, you can. 

So many low-cut ladies enjoy different natural hairstyles that highlight their looks with a special shine.

Short Natural Hairstyles

You can transition if you don’t want to go through the stress of grooming your hair from scratch. This way, all you’ll do is trim off the faded part of your hair. 

That said, there are numerous ways to style your natural hair, from Bantu knots to fauxhawk, to wash ‘n go. The list is endless. You can simply tint your natural hair with gold or oxblood spray. Nothing beats this beauty. 


3. Ghana weaving Ladies Hairstyle

Here are other amazing hairstyles for ladies. Both young and older ladies can wear it. It is one of Nigeria’s most fashionable hairstyles, and guess what? Most guys adore it a lot. 

Ghana weaving Hairstyle

Although if plaited tight at the front, it may pull off some of your front hairlines, you’ll enjoy the beautiful touch if done accurately.

Ghana weaving Hairstyle

Ghana weaving comes in different varieties, all-back, three-step parting, centre parting and much more. There are no one-style-fit-all rules when it comes to Ghana weaving. Your stylist can do the picking, considering what works for you.

Ghana weaving Hairstyle

4. Cornrow hairstyles for ladies

If all you seek is something natural, you may want to consider one of these beautiful cornrow hairstyles. This is the closest you can get to highlighting your natural looks as a lady. 

Cornrow hairstyles for ladies

Cornrow enables better airflow to your scalp and offers your hair time to grow out faster. It is waved near the scalp. Usually, no hair extensions are required or attached to make cornrows. Plus, if you like, You can wear cornrows just as it is, or they may serve as the base for you to wear your fancy wigs. 

Cornrow hairstyles for ladies

This hairstyle can be worn for simple casual outings with friends and even to formal meetings if you have a good stylist. 

5. Afro hairstyle for Ladies 

The afro hairstyle goes way back to the 1960s, once considered primitive. But now, it’s one of the best hairstyles worn by most black women in Africa. 

Afro hair Style for Ladies 

While natural hair comes in a variety of textures, it can be styled in different ways, like packing the hair mass upwards to form a big afro bun. It can also be twisted in parts while clipped to the side.

6. Dreadlocks Ladies Hair Style

This hairstyle is best if you wish to save some money from constantly changing your hairstyles and also save you the stress of visiting the salon every weekend.


Although popular among men, Dreadlocks or dreads are very common hair popular among older ladies in Africa. With the proper care, it can serve for several months while retaining its shine.

Dreadlocks come in the tread-like form of different lengths and sizes. It can be styled to form a bun or let to rest on your showers. This is one of the best ladies’ hairstyles.



Fixing Hairstyles For Ladies

Although many ladies prefer wearing wigs these days, fixing weaves is one of Nigeria’s oldest hairstyles, originating outside of Africa.

First, you want to make a neat cornrow to make this hairstyle. Then you fast the weave to cornrow with needle and thread. You must be sure your stylist is an expert to avoid piecing your scalp with the needle. Hair extensions are sometimes rendered with scissors so as to match individual cut being made on the hair. For best scissors, visit ShakiShears

7. Crotchet Hairstyles For Ladies

Yes, You can say crotchet braids or crotchet weave-on. Whichever you pick, you are just right. It’s one of the best lady hairstyles in Nigeria. 

Crotchet Hairstyles For Ladies

The Crotchet braid is very easy to make. All you need is a crotchet pin or hook used to fasten the hair extensions to your hair. You can DIY  this hairstyle in the comfort of your home.

8. Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail is one of the easy-to-make hairstyles for ladies. It’s perfect if you have fine edges and wavy hair on the sides of your head.

Ponytail Hairstyles

This is one of the finest hairstyles for ladies and is made when the hair is pulled up, away from the face and gathered at the back with either a hair clip or something similar.

9. Curls Hair Style

Curls are a popular ladies’ hairstyle that can add volume and depth to the hair. They’re suitable for all types of face shapes and hair textures. There are different curls, like loose curls, ringlets, beachy waves, and curly bangs.

Curly hair can be styled in various ways, like up-dos, half-up-dos, or flowing curls.

Trending Braids for Ladies’ Hair Styles

Braids come in a variety of styles and designs and can highlight one look with a classic splendour. You can wear these hairstyles for weddings, parties or corporate meetings. Here are some of the best braids hairstyles for ladies.

10. Knotless Braids 

Knotless braids made the list of the best hairstyles in 2022, and even now, it is even made with different shapes from the root. They are different from other braids because instead of starting the braids with an extension, it is braided first with your hair, and then later, an extension is added for length.

Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are usually light. You may not even feel a thing. The splendour is giving. It is one of the best ladies’ hairstyles in 2023.

11. Pixie Braid

The pixie cut is a short hairstyle for those who love a low-maintenance style. It’s an ideal hairstyle for those with fine hair and a petite face. Pixie cuts look best when the hair is short on the back and sides and long on the top.

Pixie Braid

Different variations of the pixie cut are perfect for different face shapes. For example, if you have a square face, go for a pixie with a side-swept fringe. If you have a round face, opt for a textured pixie that’s longer on top.

12. Long Box Braid with Beads 

Box braids never go out of season it remains one of the trending ladies’ hairstyles in 2023.

Long Box Braid with Beads 

Add a touch of gold or silver hair cuff at the top of the box braid. You would look simply dashing. You can go ahead and experiment with some bright colour mix like purple and ash or even red, whatever works your fancy. 


13. Twin Braids

Twin braids, as the name implies, are identical cornrows made with a parting down to the bottom of the neck.  It is usually plaited backwards and may form a ‘clap’ at the end, depending on your choice. 

This is a cool hairstyle suitable for body types and Face shapes. If you must wear this hairstyle, you want to make sure your hairstylist is really good because it requires a great deal of expertise to hold your hair all into two pieces.



Remember, hair is a woman’s crowing beauty and tells a lot about who you are. Whatever hairstyle you select should make you confident, beautiful, and comfortable. 

Feel free to explore these hairstyles as much as you want. We would like to know which hairstyle stands out most to you too. Have you found this article interesting and helpful? Please leave a comment, like and share so your friends find it too. 


What is the latest hairstyle for ladies?

Natural weaving
Knotless braids 
Chobby bob
Box braids 

What are the most trending hairstyles?

Knotless braids 
Box braids 
The Classic Blonde Haircut
Wavy Haircut
Two-Tone Messy Bob
Shaggy Bob Haircut with Bangs
Pixie Bob.

How can I choose my hairstyle?

To choose your hairstyle, you must consider your hair texture, length and shape. This will help you Make the best choice when it comes to hairstyles.

What hairstyle looks the most attractive?

 This depends on your preference, but generally, guys appreciate hairstyles close to nature, and the best which fits this list is the cornrow hairstyle.

What are the 6 stylish hairstyles?

Ghana weaving
The Classic Blonde Haircut

What hairstyle is in for 2023?

The Choppy Textured Bob. This cut is easy to style and super cute year-round.” — Ashley Gomila, Celebrity Hairstylist.

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