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Fear women: 19-year-old girl pins pregnancy on three different men, stuns health worker

A lab technician with the Twitter handle @Stilliberty has recounted his encounter with a 19-year-old girl who received a positive pregnancy test result.

According to the health worker, the lady called three different men in his presence and informed them about the pregnancy.

To his surprise, all three men responded positively and asked what to do, indicating that they believed they were in an exclusive relationship with her.

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In his tweet, @Stilliberty shared the girl’s story and expressed amazement at the situation.

He wrote: “This 19-year-old girl came to run a pregnancy test. The result is positive. She has called 3 different guys in my presence to tell them she’s pregnant for them and their response: ‘What do we do?’ Some girls really play games, it’s the fact that none of them argued. They so trust her 19-year-old with this game.”

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Kiekie cries out in fear of pregnancy few months after having a child

In another story, popular Nigerian comedienne, Bukunmi Adeaga-better known as Kiekie, has left social media users bursting with laughing after claiming she might be pregnant again.

Kiekie, who just gave birth to her daughter, Oluwashonaolami Ilori, on November 2022, shared a hilarious video on Instagram revealing her concern that she might be pregnant again.

In the video, the mother of one lit several candles and held a bible while praying fervently against getting pregnant just a few months after she had her first child.