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25+ Best Black Anime Characters

Many people love anime- it has become a huge addiction for many people. Tv shows, movies, and game shows. We all have our favourite television show characters, superheroes. Now there is diversity in the entertainment industry. Who are your favourite black anime characters?

Black anime character
Black Anime character

Originating in Japan, Anime refers to a style of animation. Not many people know that the term “anime” is an abbreviation of the word “animation” and describes a wide range of animated works, including TV shows, movies, and OVA (original video animation) series. 

It dates back to the early 20th century, with influential works like “Naruto, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist.” 

Anime often incorporates elements of Japanese culture and storytelling traditions. They often cover various genres, such as romance, action, adventure, comedy, and, most especially, fantasy. 

What stands out for anime is its distinctive art style, characterized by colourful visuals, stylized character designs with large eyes, exaggerated features, and often detailed backgrounds. 

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Female black anime characters

Gone are the days when black female characters are not very important in the entertainment industry. In anime, they create many strong characters that people can relate to. Such characters are; 

Michiko Malandro 


This strong character is from the anime series “Michiko & Hatchin,” She is a charismatic and fearless woman of African descent who breaks out of prison to find her long-lost daughter, Hatchin.

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Canary is a character from the anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter.” She is an exceptional assassin trained by the Zoldyck family. Canary is known for her loyalty and dedication, as well as her remarkable skills in combat.

Yoruichi Shihouin 


Yoruichi is a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Bleach.” She is a former captain of the Gotei 13 and a powerful warrior. Yoruichi is depicted as a dark-skinned woman with cat-like features and is known for her agility and mastery of flash steps.

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S.A.M. is a character from Cannon Busters; she is essentially a pretty sweet girl who just wants to befriend everyone around her. Her character cannot process when someone insults her or disrespects her and just brushes it off, but she is fiercely protective of her friends and can even turn to a weapon.



Carole’s character is from Caroline and Tuesday. Her life has been less than ideal, being an orphan and constantly fired from jobs. However, she is still positive and doesn’t let that bring her down. She’s straightforward and a little brusque when dealing with delicate situations and customers, which usually leads to her getting fired.

Atsuko Jackson

Atsuko jackson
Atsuko Jackson

Another strong woman from Michiko & Hatchin, it might seem like Atsuko is an antagonist to Michiko. However, she’s more like a frenemy. Atsuko grew up and became a policewoman and was the one who arrested Michiko before the series.



April is a character from darker than black. she could just be iconic for just her looks alone. Even among other anime characters, her look is unique with her light blue hair, pink fur-lined jacket, and beautiful pink colour on her lips. But April is more than just a pretty face, and this woman can be pretty deadly since she can create hurricanes and strong winds.

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Black anime characters male

Black characters are now being created- this means a lot of things. Young people can grow with having black characters seen on their screens. Additionally, it brings about diversity.

Here are black male anime characters 

Afro Samurai 

Afro samurai
Afro Samurai

He is the protagonist of the anime series “Afro Samurai” and a skilled swordsman on a quest for revenge in a futuristic, feudal Japan-inspired setting. He is recognized by his iconic Afro hairstyle and the headband he wears.

Killer B 

Killer B
Killer B

Killer B is From the anime series “Naruto Shippuden,” this strong character is a shinobi from the Hidden Cloud Village. He is a Jinchuriki, a human host for a tailed beast, and possesses exceptional swordsmanship and rap-style ninjutsu skills. Killer B is also known for his rap battles.

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Dutch is a character from the anime and manga series “Black Lagoon.” He is the leader of the mercenary group Lagoon Company. Dutch is depicted as a strong and experienced fighter skilled in combat and strategic planning.



Darui is a character from Naruto. He was a student of the Third Raikage, who taught him how to use black lightning. You may remember that he almost defeated the Gold and Silver Brothers single-handedly, which is pretty impressive since they were using the Tools of the Sage of Six Paths.

Darui is also the right-hand man and bodyguard to the Fourth Raikage and comes off as more mature than him.

Tousen Kaname


Tousen is visually depicted as a dark-skinned man known for his strict adherence to justice and blindness, which enhances his other senses. 

He is a character from the anime and manga series “Bleach.” He is a former captain of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13. Tousen

Ogun Montgomery


Ogun is a Fire Soldier who is an extremely powerful character from the Fire force. He’s able to create his own flames, unlike Second Generations, who can only control existing flames. He uses his abilities to create multiple spears and sword-like weapons to use in battle, usually by throwing them.

What makes Ogun stand out is his Flamy Ink ability, in which he tattoos his flames onto his skin. This ability greatly increases his strength, but it does come at the risk of him overheating quicker. Ogun sparingly uses this ability, but when he does, it looks awesome.

Other characters include; Killua Zoldyck – From the anime series “Hunter x Hunter, who has black hair and a cool, determined demeanour, and Mugen – From the anime series “Samurai Champloo,” Mugen is a rebellious and unpredictable character with a wild and unkempt appearance. He has black hair tied up in a topknot.

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black anime characters with dreads

While depicting black characters, it is important to use their storylines and features. Many black people possess dreads, and anime has been able to inculcate that into their character’s physical appearance. One important character is Kaname Tosen’s long and white dreads covering his eyes. Ogun Montgomery is also a character with dreads.

Such characters include;

Bob Makihara 


Bob is a muscular character with long dreadlocks. He comes from the anime and manga series “Tenjho Tenge.” He is a member of the Juken Club.


zaynab in purple

Zaynab is one of the minor characters in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. She is the most loyal subordinate of Cassim, alongside her husband, Hassan. She has an attractive, slender body with unique dreadlocks.

Don Kanonji


Don Kanonji is a character from Bleach anime. He is a tall and trim man with deep-set eyes and a moustache. He also has one of the best anime characters with dreads, who also wears spectacles and various luxurious outfits and hats.

Rei Hououmaru

Rei Hououmaru
Rei Hououmaru

Rei Hououmaru is one of the minor antagonists in the Kill la Kill anime series. She is dark-complexioned and has purple dreadlocks. She is capable of recreating herself and enhancing her speed by using her unique ability.

Other characters include Sid Barett from soul eater, Canary from Hunter x Hunter, Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Jerso from the same series, and much more.

Cute black anime characters

Who doesn’t love cute television characters? Such as Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy or Groot. We’re not dealing with the Marvel cinematic universe but with anime.

The following are cute black anime characters;

Maka Albarn 


Maka is one of the main characters from the anime and manga series “Soul Eater.” She is a meister, a wielder of demon weapons, and partners with the scythe weapon Soul Eater. Maka is shown as a determined and hardworking student with a very cute appearance.

Iris Cannary 

Iris Canary
Iris Canary

Iris is a character from the anime series “Fire Force.” Although, She is a nun and a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Iris is portrayed as a gentle, caring individual with a cute, innocent personality.

Michiru Kagemori 


Michiru is the main character in the anime series “BNA: Brand New Animal.” She is a human who transforms into a tanuki (raccoon dog) and becomes a part of Anima City, a place where humanoid animals live. She is depicted as an energetic and optimistic character with a cute design.

black anime characters drawing

An example of a black anime drawing
An example of a black anime drawing

Drawing black anime characters involves taking into consideration various factors, including physical features, skin tone, and hairstyles. It is important to avoid stereotypes. Approach the drawing with respect and sensitivity, focusing on individuality and unique character traits rather than relying on stereotypes.

1. Facial Features: Black anime characters often have features representative of African or African-descended individuals. Pay attention to the shape and structure of the face to ensure accurate representation.

2. Skin Tone: Dividing a diverse skin tone is essential when drawing black anime characters. Different shades of brown can be used, ranging from lighter tones to deeper, richer hues.

3. Hairstyles: Anime offers a variety of hairstyles for black characters, including afros, braids, dreadlocks, and other natural or stylized hairdos.

4. Clothing and Fashion: Just like any other character, black anime characters can have various clothing styles that reflect their personality, culture, or the setting of the story. Consider incorporating cultural elements or fashion trends that resonate with the character’s background.

The drawing process with inclusivity and respect, appreciating black anime characters’ diversity and unique qualities.

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white-haired anime characters

A white-haired anime character

There are numerous white-haired anime characters known for their distinctive appearances. Here are a few examples:

Kaneki Ken


In the anime series “Tokyo Ghoul,” Kaneki is the main character who undergoes a transformation that gives him white hair. His white hair is often associated with his change in personality and powers.



Sesshomaru is a character from the anime and manga series “InuYasha.” He is the older half-brother of the main protagonist, Inuyasha, and has long, flowing white hair. Sesshomaru is known for his stoic demeanour and formidable power.

Other characters include; Rem – Rem, a character from the anime and light novel series “Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World.” She has bluish-white hair and is known for her gentle and devoted personality, Levi Ackerman from Naruto. Jiraiya is another character from the anime and manga series “Naruto.” He has long white hair and a distinctive white beard and is known for his eccentric personality.

black cosplay anime

It is important to remember cosplay is a creative and inclusive activity, and individuals can cosplay characters of any ethnicity or background. The most important aspect is choosing a character that resonates with you and allows you to express your creativity and passion for anime.

Naruto is a good example. With a vast cast of characters, “Naruto” offers numerous cosplay options. Characters like Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, or Killer B provide a range of appearances and cosplay opportunities. The “Bleach” series has a variety of characters to choose from, including individuals with different ethnicities and appearances. Characters like Ichigo Kurosaki, Byakuya Kuchiki, or Yoruichi Shihouin are popular choices for cosplay.

One Piece” – With its extensive cast of characters, “One Piece” provides numerous cosplay options. Characters like Monkey D. Luffy, Nico Robin, or Trafalgar Law are often cosplayed due to their unique designs.


Which anime has black characters?

Anime has become more diverse over the years, and several anime series feature black characters. Black Lagoon is an action-packed anime series that revolves around a group of mercenaries, and it features a diverse cast of characters, including Dutch, an African-American leader of the mercenary group. Another series is Michiko & Hatchin” this anime follows Michiko Malandro, a black woman who breaks out of prison and goes on a journey to find her long-lost daughter, Hatchin. Other shows include; Fire Force, the supernatural action series, and Bleach, which is a long-running anime series. Soul Eater includes diverse appearances, including Kilik Rung, an African-American student at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. “Afro Samurai” – revolves around Afro Samurai, a black swordsman seeking revenge. Finally, Carole & Tuesday” – This music-focused anime series follows the story of Carole, a black aspiring musician, and her friendship with Tuesday as they strive to make a name for themselves in a futuristic society.

Who is the most popular Black anime character?

The perception of popularity can vary depending on different factors, such as personal preferences, cultural contexts, and the time frame in question. However, one black anime character who has gained significant popularity and recognition is Afro Samurai, who is the main character of the anime series “Afro Samurai. He is a skilled swordsman seeking revenge for his father’s murder. Afro Samurai’s iconic appearance, with his white headband and long white hair, has made him a recognizable and memorable character in the anime community.
Examples include characters like Michiko Malandro from “Michiko & Hatchin,” Killer B from “Naruto Shippuden,” and Sesshomaru from “InuYasha,” among others.

Who is the most unique anime character?

However, one anime character often recognized for their distinctiveness is Lain Iwakura, the protagonist of the anime series “Serial Experiments Lain. Lain’s unique character design, coupled with the series’ complex themes of identity, technology, and existentialism, makes her a standout character in terms of her personality and the narrative surrounding her.

What is the anime name for Dark?

In Japanese, “dark” can be translated into different terms depending on the context or meaning. Here are a few commonly used translations for “dark” in anime:
1. 暗い (Kurai) – This is a general term for “dark” or “dim” and is often used to describe a lack of light or a gloomy atmosphere.
2.  (Yami) – This term refers to “darkness” and is often associated with the concept of evil, shadows, or mysterious forces.
3. ダーク (Dāku) – This is the transliteration of the English word “dark” and is sometimes used in anime to refer to a darker or edgier tone.


Anime characters are getting more diversified each day, and it’s great for representation. Please tell us your favourite anime series and also favourite anime characters in the comment section.

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