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25+ Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually 

There are several ways to tell if a guy likes you, and signs he wants you badly sexually.

When it comes to a relationship, sex could be a very important part. Girls, are you wondering if a guy is sexually attracted to you? In some cases, you may have been getting some clues but are confused about it. So, we got your back.

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually 

Ladies, can men be very difficult to understand or is it just me?

You may have been hanging around this man for weeks and you can’t just figure out if he is into you. Some days, he is so protective, and other days he may act nonchalantly. All guys are different and so are their styles. So honey, you just have to trust your gut instinct.

Read more to find out signs he wants you badly sexually. Now, you won’t have to guess how he feels anymore.

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Signs he wants you badly sexually: How do you tell?

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually 

Some people would say that men aren’t that hard to figure out. Well… maybe they do show signs and you just need to pay extra attention. You may realize that they are less complicated than we thought.

It would be very awkward to assume that someone is sexually attracted to you when they’re not. Sometimes, a person can just be sweet and caring, and the last thing you need to do is to assume and embarrass yourself.

With a man, there are always signs he wants you in his body language and facial expression. I personally would love to know verbally; you know, for you to spell it out for me, but like said above, not all men are the same. Some have the boldness of a lion and tell you all of the nasty things he wants to do with you, while some would rather use their tone, body language, and facial expression.

But now I ask, how do I know to look out for that?

When a guy wants you bad, he can’t help himself. This isn’t in an inappropriate way, but he will touch your lower back, he will put your hair behind your ear or will brush his hand against your cheek. 

He may also behave strangely. He could be extra cautious around you because he’s too scared to lose you. Or he might act super cocky even though he usually is shy. 

Keep reading to know about all the signs men throw at us.

Signs he wants you badly sexually: How do you tell if a guy likes you more than sexually?

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually 

You see, when a man truly cares about you and not just your body, he will do his best to keep in touch with you. That means he will check up on you every once in a while, call you just to hear your voice, and ask you about your day.

The word is “intentional“. Girls, we scream so much for intentional men – men who go the extra mile and act, you know, “normal”. Things about communicating with you, prioritizing the five love languages especially the acts of service, the quality time.

Remember that all men may not say it – watch out for those eyes and body language. You will see the signs he wants you badly sexually.

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Signs he wants you badly sexually: How do you know if he’ll be good in bed?

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually 

Knowing if a guy is good in bed can be very tricky. They don’t have “amazing lover” stamped on their forehead. So you will have to rely on instinct and a little bit of information.

Not men are all the same and luckily, their actions and attitudes actually have an effect on this.

Some attribute that having a big appetite and dressing have a lot to do with the skills in men, while some think it’s all about money. I believe it could do with verbal communication.

Does he tell you he can’t wait to see you? Is he all about praising you? Believe me, you will enjoy the man who showers you with genuine verbal praise. All that is key here is that he means it, and these are signs he wants you badly sexually.

But hey, if he is a fantastic kisser, you should watch out for that too.

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Signs he wants you sexually 

Signs He Wants You  Sexually 

1. He would tell you

I’m not a relationship expert, but if a man tells you that the wants you, then this is one of the signs he wants you badly sexually. He would probably go into detail and speak of the things he would do to you. Good for you.

You don’t have to worry about how watching out for multiple non-verbal cues.

2. He stares at very inappropriate places on your body

If you catch him staring in a not-so-subtle way at your cleavage or butt, you can be pretty sure that what’s going through his mind isn’t innocent.

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3. He finds excuses to smell you

This sounds strange, but it’s definitely a sign he wants you badly sexually. He can either do it in a way that isn’t so noticeable, or he can do it obviously by leaning over to you and deeply inhaling your hair or by your neck.

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4. He needs to “adjust” himself when he’s with you

When a man wants you badly sexually, he might get a little excited around you, even if you’re in public. Just notice if he is shifting his pants around you, then he may have dirty thoughts about you.

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5. He flirts with you a lot

When he wants you sexually, he steps up his flirting game. That’s because he wants you to know that you are the center of his attention. If he wants you sexually, he’ll lean more toward physical flirting.

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6. He tries to get close to you

When a guy is sexually attracted to a girl, he wants to be as physically close to her as possible. So, if you find that he is purposely sitting close to you or putting his hands around your chair, that’s because he’s trying to send you a message. It’s one of the signs he wants you badly sexually

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7. He sits with his legs spread

This may be a cue to show you how dominant he is.

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8. He blushes a lot

If he is more of the shy and awkward type of guy, he might blush when he’s around you. He might feel like you know that he wants you badly, and so he gets embarrassed – which causes the blushing.

9. He notices when other men notice you

Humans are territorial, and men are even more so when they are sexually interested in a woman. So, he’ll notice when any other guy is checking you out. When he wants you badly, he isn’t going to like someone encroaching on his “territory”, which is you.

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10. His voice gets deeper around you

This is another weird biological thing that happens when a man is sexually attracted to a woman. Watch out for low husky tones when he speaks to you.

11. He laughs at everything 

Please, you’re not that funny, but if he is laughing at everything you say, it’s one of the signs he wants you badly sexually. Or he could just be very complex and want to mess with your mind.

Who knows?

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12. He pays for everything

If he insists that he pays for your dinner or movie and wants to take you out, he is trying to impress you. To some people, this is “old-fashioned,” but he shows his appreciation for you.

That is one of the huge signs he wants you badly sexually.

13. He texts you throughout the day

I believe that men are not very good communicators and it’s very fine. I’m just joking, it’s not, but if a man asks you about your day, he may be interested to see what you’re up to.

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14. He’s not pushing you to have sex

He may be dying inside to touch you but he won’t pressure you to do anything. That’s the trait of someone who respects you and values you as a person. I know it sounds kind of ironic that one of the signs he wants you badly sexually is to not pressure you, but if he’s pushing to have sex, then he may not be into you for the reasons you think he is.

15. He asks you out frequently

If someone wants to see you, they’ll try to see you. It’s really that simple. If you’re not sure if a guy is into you or not, just watch to see if he attempts to take you out on a date.

If he tells you he’s going to call you in a couple of days and he doesn’t, well, he’s not really that into you. So, remember, if a guy really wants you, they’ll move mountains to do it.

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16. He is never late

One thing is asking you out, another is being on time. Believe it or not, one of the signs he wants you badly sexually is to do all he can, which means being on time. It shows that they also respect your time.

17. He’s all up in your social media

He’s added you on Facebook, and he’s following you on Instagram and Snapchat. Whatever the social media, he’s on it. That’s the best way for him to get to know you and see what your lifestyle is like.

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18. He’s straight up with you

We all have a past, and if he really wants you, he won’t hide anything from you. Some men are not into playing games; they’ll tell you about their last relationship and why it didn’t work out.

He’ll let you know what he’s looking for, what he’s like as a person, and things you should know about him.

19. He compliments your body

As lovely as it is when a guy is into you, he isn’t just there for your personality. Your body is entering his eye. He isn’t in love but just wants you sexually. If he compliments your body, calls you hot or sexy, or even compliments your outfit, he wants you.

There is no doubt about it.

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20. He listens

Some guys nod their heads and smile when you talk, and then some guys actively listen to you and engage in conversation. You want the latter because it is another one of the signs he wants you badly sexually.

21. He gets protective

We’re talking about him being worried about you walking home alone. Being protective shows that he cares about you, but don’t get this mixed up with being territorial. Guys can get like that as well when they’re trying to prove that you’re “theirs” – whatever that means. 

22. He has manners!

Is he opening doors for you? Taking you out on dates? Being respectful? My dear, he is a gentleman. If a man wants to get laid, they’ll work their magic to get into your pants. 

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23. When you’re in a rut, he’s there

Now, he may want you badly, and he may desperately want to sleep with you; that’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want as well. And if you find yourself in trouble, you’ll most likely see him turn up.

He’s on a mission, after all.

24. You feel the energy

When someone wants you badly, as in, really badly, you can feel it. You can actually feel their energy. They’re into you, so whether they’re shy or not, you’ll feel that the vibe between you two is not friendship.

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25. He buys you romantic gifts

A friend can get your favorite cup of coffee. A guy you’re dating can buy you flowers. But a significant sign he wants you badly sexually is buying you romantic gifts. 

If he is buying you roses over any other flower, he is probably into you. If he is buying you lingerie, candles, massage oils, or anything along those lines, he wants you bad, and he wants you to know it.

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26. The look in his eyes

When a guy wants you bad, he will tell you with the look he gives you. It would be hot and may probably make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. If his eyes avert down to your body, then BOOM! he wants you sexually! The eyes give you the green light.

27. He wants to make you feel good

When a guy is putting your needs above his own, it’s one of the signs he wants you badly sexually. He won’t just satisfy his sexual urges and desires; he wants you to get pleasure out of it too. 

Even if this isn’t about sex, he will want you to be comfortable wherever you are.

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Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually: Conclusion 

Okay! Now that you know the signs he wants you badly sexually, you know what to look for the next time he’s around. See if he’s showing any of these gestures and if all your internal alarms go off, take a leap and make a move.

It’s the 21st century, no one would judge you for it. Maybe that’ll help relieve the situation.

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