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30+ Funny WhatsApp Status Guaranteed to Make You Smile

We all have that particular person whose Whatsapp updates are basically like a comedy show that provides a lot of hilarious status updates.

We might not chat with them on a regular basis, or even at all, but that doesn’t mean they do not hold a special place in our hearts. Because if you’re having a bad day or you’re just in need of some laughs, all you need to do is visit their status.

You can be damn well sure you’ll laugh.

Now, maybe you want to join this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Women. Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. We will teach you how to make your Whatsapp Status no different from Basketmouth shows, and keep people coming back for more.

All you need to do is refer three people and… oh, sorry! Wrong slide.

What can I put on my WhatsApp status?

Funny Whatsapp Status

Social media is an avenue to connect with so many people and it’s also a way to increase connections. These connections could either be based on personal relationships or business.

In using WhatsApp status, you either go for the normal shading of your contacts, use it to build your business, or better still, to make people laugh.

Social media is a form of escapism for many people. They don’t want to be reminded of their problems. Your status should serve as a breath of fresh air to many.

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Here is a collection of Funny statuses for WhatsApp.

Funny written WhatsApp status

  1. My secret talent is getting tired without doing anything.
  2. The new way of forgetting your past is deleting your chats.
  3. My laziness is like 8, when I lie down it becomes infinity.
  4. Lazy people fact #5812672793. You were too lazy to read that number.
  5. Fun is like life insurance. The older you get..the more it costs.
  6. My week is basically- Monday,     –>Monday#2, Monday#3, Monday#4, Friday, Saturday, Pre-Monday.
  7. Tried to lose weight…….But it keeps finding me.
  8. I don’t care what people think or say about me, I was not born on this earth to please everybody.
  9. Never give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.
  10. Nobody texts faster than a pissed-off female.
  11. Zombies are looking for brains. Don’t worry; you’re safe.
  12. I’m currently experiencing life at the rate of 15 Wtf’s every hour.
  13. Always speak the truth no matter how bitter or harsh it is. But run immediately after saying it.

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Funny WhatsApp Status Images

Funny quotes
Funny quotes
Funny quotes
Funny Memes
Funny quotes

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Funny things to post on whatsapp status
Funny things to post on whatsapp status
Funny things to post on whatsapp status
Funny Memes for Whatsapp Status
Funny Jokes for Whatsapp Status

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Don’t be like those folks who use WhatsApp for only serious things. Try to make humor of it and excite people with your status.

Remember life is not that hard.

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