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Why is your wife taking your plate to the kitchen? Don’t you have hands? – 4-year-old daughter questions dad

A Nigerian woman has shared how her 4-year-old daughter tackled her father for eating and not taking his plates to the kitchen and instead waited for her mother to do it.

In a tweet by @olorililan, she shared how her husband finished eating one faithful day after she served him and like usual packed his plate and took it to the kitchen.

However, her young daughter marched to her father and questioned why he waited for her mother to pack his dishes when he was the one that ate the food.

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The young girl argued that he has hands just like her mother and he should have cleared up his own mess. The shocked mother jokingly shared that she has given birth to a feminist.

“My people I don born feminist o, My 4-year-old daughter to my husband; Why is your wife thaking the plate to the kitchen for you? Don’t you have hands?” she said.

In response to her words, a young man also shared that kids of nowadays are really funny as he shared that his niece also did a similar thing.

Reactions: This shows that feminism is just common sense

The mother’s narration had many netizens arguing. While some urged her to have corrected her immediately the kid said such, others defended that feminism should truly be encouraged. See some comments below;

@lollypeezle: This is a proof that there’s bond in the family and that’s my takeaway from this harmless tweet. Parent your daughter the way you want, don’t listen to those bitter people. They can only rant.

@25kosi_: This shows that feminism is just common sense

@Ruk3y: I mean, if you have to cook, serve, clear up the plates then still wash up by yourself. Then there’s a problem.

@IDPrideInVernac: She didn’t ask as feminist question. She asked a common sense question. She’s 4…children at that age are just honest when something makes no simple sense

@Ibroh18: Otida, go on Iya Feminist

@Orunmumipe: This is how the programming starts, then later on we argue that certain things are ‘natural’ and ‘instinctual’, when the real reason is that we’re just reproducing patterns we’ve internalized

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Beautiful video of man and daughter with vitiligo goes viral

Meanwhile, a heartwarming video of a man with vitiligo and his daughter who have the same skin condition has left many in awe.

The man in a TikTok video showed himself and his daughter with the same white patches scattered around their skin.

Michel Hlonmeti who carried his child on his lap was captured with white patches on his forehead, and hair, with little on his chest, lips, and arms.

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