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There are so decently dressed – 40 year old Nigerian bride finally ties the knot with partner, poses with flower girls

A 40-year-old Nigerian bride finally left the dating scene after eventually getting married to her partner.

Sola Adesakin, a writer and biz-tech enthusiast, revealed the delightful development on Twitter and said that she and her friends served as the wedding’s flower girls.

According to Sola, their journey began as a prayer group but eventually transformed into a close sisterhood through which they positively encouraged one another in various facets of their lives.

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She continued by saying that the bride’s experience demonstrated that there is nothing quite like growing older and that happiness is universal because it is complete and gratifying when it occurs.

Social media reactions

Social media users expressed their congratulations to the newest bride.

@REboiche said: “I got married at 35, so I can relate to God’s delay is not denial. More Grace to support and uphold each other in your fold. May God grant their union eternal bliss and fruitfulness.” 

@Ememobonglive said: “And the beautiful ending to this story will be God blessing her with twins! Things can still happen for you in your forties and above especially when God is involved! Don’t put a time stamp on your dreams and desires…” 

@AxelleEbode said: “Congratulations to the beautiful bride, and you all are gorgeous! 

@Drmuzoic said: “These pictures are classy. See how everyone is gorgeously and decently dressed. Bless you and a happy married life to her.” 

@thegamepundit said: “May the Lord bless her home, grant all she desires, and remember the desirous ones out there.” 

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Groom refuses to rock his bride while they were dancing

Meanwhile, a woman posted a funny incident that happened at her sister’s wedding on social media.

The video showed a bride dancing with her groom but while the bride danced, her husband refused to rock her.

Even though the bride turned her back to him, he was just holding her waist while giving her space.

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