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50 Creative Journal Prompts For Kids

We should encourage journal prompts for kids. Why?

Well, we have established that journaling is a good habit especially if you want to build on your writing and also improve yourself, haven’t we?

Kids should also not be left out in this process. They would need all the help that they can get to be able to learn how to journal.

When is the best time to start journaling?

The best time to start is when your is able to write freely without having to stop and sound out each word.

Even young kids can work on simple journaling skills with a parent, which might help them identify emotions and think creatively

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What are journal prompts?

Journal prompts for Kids

Journal prompts, also known as writing prompts, are ideas that help you to focus on what to write. When you use these prompts, they give you a clearer direction before you start writing! This could be particularly very helpful to children. 

The benefits of journal prompts for kids go even further since journaling improves literacy and strengthens reading comprehension, creativity, and spelling skills.

Journaling can give children a way to capture their thoughts and memories and boost your child’s mood and mental well-being. Implementing journal prompts for kids is important because it also teaches mindfulness.

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50 journal prompts for kids

Here are some journal prompts for children that you can use to get your kid started.

  1. Who is your role model and why?
  2. What do you love most about yourself?
  3. What is your favorite memory?
  4. If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose? What would you do with it?
  5. What are three things you’re grateful for?
  6. What do you love most about your family?
  7. What is your favorite color? What does it remind you of?
  8. Who is someone you miss? What would you say to them if they were next to you right now?
  9. What is one of your funniest memories?
  10. Attempt to write a poem about your best thing in the world 
  11. Write about one goal you’ve reached that you’re proud of.
  12. What is one interesting fact that you learned today?
  13. What is your idea of the coolest job to have? 
  14. If you could spend one day doing anything you want, what would you do?
  15. If you could have any pet in the world (even a magical creature like a dragon or unicorn), what would you want to have?
  16. What’s one goal or challenge you have for yourself this week?
  17. What’s your favorite hobby?
  18. What’s one thing that always makes you laugh?
  19. Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Which one would you want to learn?
  20. If you had a time machine and could travel way into the future or to the past. Where would you go? What do you think life would be like?
  21. Do you have a favorite teacher? What are they like, and what’s the best thing they’ve taught you?
  22. Write about your favorite holiday. Why is it your favorite? When you think of it, what is the happiest memory you have related to it?
  23. Do you have a favorite book? What do you love about it?
  24. What do you want your life to be like when you’re grown up?
  25. When you get mad or grumpy, what’s one thing that helps you calm down?
  26. What’s the best advice someone has ever given you?
  27. What do you love about your family?
  28. Do you remember your first day of school? What was it like? Or what do you think it will be like?
  29. What would you want to change in the world?
  30. If you could talk to your future self, what would you ask?
  31. What’s the best way to spend a rainy day?
  32. How would you change the world?
  33. Think about a talent you wish that you had. What’s one way that you can start practicing it?
  34. Which room in your house is your favorite, and why?
  35. What’s your favorite school subject? Why?
  36. What makes people happy?
  37. What makes a good friend?
  38. Is there ever a time or situation where it could be OK to tell a lie
  39. What makes you smile?
  40. What is one thing you would like to get better at?
  41. How would you like to spend the perfect day?
  42. If you could invent something, what would it be?
  43. Write about 3 places you would like to travel someday. What do these three places have in common?
  44. If you had just won the lottery, what would you buy and why?
  45. What are some of your favorite animals? What do you like about them?
  46. Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
  47. If you had one wish, what would it be?
  48. Write about your favorite sport and why you like it so much.
  49. What do you imagine your life will be like as an adult?
  50. Describe yourself in 10 words.

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Conclusion on journal prompts for kids

Journaling offers a lot of benefits to people. Keeping a journal can have many benefits for your child, whether they keep it by themselves or with your help. 

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