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70+ Inspiring New Month Wishes to share with loved ones

This is a new month, and I’m sure you want to send some wishes to your friends, colleagues or family members just to show how much you care for them.

New Month Wishes
New Month Wishes

New months seem like new beginnings for many people, it reminds you and every other person that we’re ageing, and we need to decipher what’s important to us.

This is the best time to reinforce your love for your loved ones. It is a good time to tell them how much progress you believe they’ve made and how much strong faith you have in their dreams.

One of the best ways to endear anyone to you is to send a personal new month wish. If you are unsure of what to write, we have some great ideas below that can aid you in this delightful job.


Happy New Month Wishes for Friends and Loved Ones

New Month Wishes
New Month Wishes

Here are some amazing lines you could send to your loved ones. Your colleagues are not exempted, and there are great lines here suitable for anyone on your contact list.

New Month Wishes For My Boyfriend

  1. We’ve come through these past days strong. Here’s another month for me to show you how much I admire your talents and love you
  2. May the angels protect you, trouble neglect and heaven help you this new month
  3. Happy new month, my love. Wishing you the best month. 
  4. May this month unleash the greatness in you. May you come out with testimonies
  5. Our love has grown sweeter day after day, and that is because of how skilled you are in loving me. Thank you for your love. Happy new month honey
  6. I hope that this month deepens our love, and I pray that we share in all the happiness it will bring. Happy new month 
  7. As I get older this month, I get stronger because I have such a resilient man by my side. Happy new month, my love
  8. Hey Mr Handsome, thank God we’ve made it this far. We’ll go further and achieve more goals this month.
  9. As you enter this new month, I pray that favour, abundant opportunities, and success enter your life. Keep soaring, my love.
  10. May this month bring answers to all your heart desires, and may all your hard work pay off big time this month. Amen. Happy New Month, my dearest 

New Month Wishes for My Girlfriend 

  1. This month is beautiful already. As you make everyday count, may you see blessings overflow in your life
  2. May heaven’s light shine on you this new month. Happy new month sweetheart
  3. All I ever wanted in life. My deepest desire is to age with you. As the new month ticks by, I am grateful that you’re still here. Happy new month
  4. I tell everyone who asks me why I smile so brightly that I’ve got the sun in my life. Happy new month babe
  5. This month is loaded with blessings, and I pray that all will offload in your favour. Happy new month.
  6. Every new month, I realize how many blessings I have with you being on my side.
  7. I hope I am the first person to wish you a great month. Let’s share much love this month.
  8. Words will fail me if I dare to describe what you’ve been to me. May God bless you for being my everything.
  9. I never regret the day I asked you to join me on my journey through life. It has been a wonderful one. I want to continue loving you. Happy new month
  10. A great day starts with you, and a great month starts with you too. Happy new month, my love


New Month Wishes to My Friend

  1. I respect you for your good heart and for keeping our friendship going. You will be blessed this month. Happy new month
  2. May this month mark the beginning of greater things for you. Happy new month
  3. May God lessen your struggles and grant you much favour this month
  4. I wish you the best. May you prosper this month
  5. Great things are about to happen to you this month. As you position for it, I pray that it will locate you.
  6. May this month be filled with favour, and may all your dreams come through. Happy new month
  7. Welcome to your month of favour. May you encounter endless moments of happiness. Happy new month
  8. May this month be filled with amazing surprises and pleasant adventures. May you have another reason to smile this month
  9. Working with you has been a worthwhile experience. I pray that all the knowledge and power you expound will be replenished in hundredfold. Happy new month
  10. Here’s another opportunity to change the world around you by being more committed to life. Happy new month

Short New Month Prayers 

  1. May this month bring gladness to your heart
  2. I pray for prosperity and open doors for you this new month
  3. This good month is here, and it will keep smiles on your face. Happy new month
  4. May good success follow you this new month
  5. I wish you the best in this new month
  6. May your dreams come through this month. Stay strong
  7. I pray you enjoy every minute this month gives you. Happy new month
  8. Keep pushing. Great things await you shortly. Happy new month
  9. It’s not time to dream. It’s time to do it. Get going! Happy new month
  10. May this month be filled with laughter
  11. A happy new month to my favourite person
  12. The month is new so are you! Keep learning.
  13. May you soar like an Eagle this new month
  14. Keep enjoying the greatness you deserve. Happy new month
  15. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count. Happy new month 


New Month Wishes for My Family

  1. Every new month is special when you are surrounded by special people like you. Happy new month lovelies
  2. I like to say something new to everyone I care about and that includes you. Welcome to this new month
  3. May this month be filled with gladness, and may you find success in all your endeavours and be well-established this month. Keep soaring fam
  4. We’re going to try new things a month and explore limitless boundaries because I have you guys, and you guys got me too.
  5. Keep waxing stronger as we enter this new month. Happy new month
  6. Hi Fam, it’s a new month. It’s time to win again.
  7. Here’s another opportunity to make full use of life. Happy new month kiddo
  8. You’re strong, and you can make it. Never doubt that because it’s coming from someone who knows you well and loves you well also. Happy new month
  9. As the month unfolds, may all the riches and blessings of this month not elude you. Happy new month
  10. A happy new month to you. You mean a lot to me! Keep smiling.

Biblical New Month Prayers

  1. May God cause a new thing to happen to you, and everyone around you will hear and glorify God.
  2. You shall be set up on high this month, and many shall call you blessed. Happy new month.
  3. May all your requests be approved in the Heavenly Courts, and may God cause you to smile. I wish you a Happy new month.
  4. May divine grace and mercy follow you through this month, and may you not lack anything good for God, our great provider, who will provide for you.
  5. May streams of living water flow in you and through you to everyone around. May you remain a blessing to yourself and other people. Happy new month
  6. You shall shout for joy because God has declared you a winner. Happy new month
  7. It is well with you and your family and all things shall work together for your good this month. Happy new month
  8. May you be the head and not the tail, may you be above and not beneath, and may you exceed your expectations. Happy new month
  9. May God be your shield and Buckler, may He be your hiding place, and may nothing harm you this month
  10. Where people meet failure, may you succeed, and where others fall, may you rise. Happy new month
  11. I pray that blessings and goodness will seek you this month
  12. May you experience peace amidst troubles, calm amidst the storm, order in disarray, and blessings even in stranded situations. Stay blessed
  13. May strangers give to your bosom. May you receive blessings from the south, north, east and west. Happy new month.
  14. May your oil never run dry, and may your barn be filled with plenty. Happy new month.
  15. Welcome to a brand new month. I encourage you to put in your best this month. I challenge you to be resolved to excel. I believe in you, and I do pray that the lines will fall in pleasant places for you.


FAQs on New Month Wishes

How do you wish someone a happy new month?

You must wish someone a happy new month in a personal way. Freely write what you like about the person or what you wish the person to achieve in the month. Some examples are in the article above.

How do you say happy new month Prayer?

A happy new month prayer is what you wish for another person in the new month. Example. May you experience every flowing blessing this month, and you shall never lack.

New month wishes should be kind and endearing. We’ve given you so much you could do with. You could choose your favourite or merge a couple of them to give you a unique wish.

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