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73-year-old man with 6 packs posts throwback photo taken 51 yrs ago, video goes viral 

A 73-year-old man who appeared to be much younger with 6 packs gained popularity on TikTok thanks to his amazing physique. 

The man started recording videos of his workout routine on his TikTok account under the username @dwightwilliams007

The man engaged in frequent, demanding physical activity, which has given him an incredible physique. 

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Due to his dependability and stated goal of slowing down aging, Dwaght has gained popularity. 

“Slowing down the aging process at 73 NATURALLY no medicine or surgery,” he wrote on his handle. 

He posted a video from his youth as a flashback. He and his wife were seen in a picture from their wedding in the film. 

A price for 6 packs

Those who have viewed the old photo claim that he hasn’t altered much physically.

Others even claimed that, at the age of 73, he appears younger than he did 51 years ago, when he wed his wife. 

@theguy said: “Sir, you are an inspiration.” 

@DJ Wade-O commented: “I’m 43. I watch every one of your videos because you are the vision of where I want to be when I’m 73. Love your work. Sir, I’m inspired by you.” 

@IAMMizzFullofLove said: “Yeah y’all look alike and that’s from the beginning! same smile an errrthang.” 

@Flaco said: “Definitely a beautiful couple!” 

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Nigerian lady at fancy restaurant packs food in serviette

Meanwhile, a beautiful Nigerian lady has cracked many up after a video of her packing her food into a serviette paper in a fancy restaurant went viral.

The young lady was captured in the video posted on TikTok packing remnants of her meat into a serviette paper after the restaurant informed her there was no takeaway.

In the funny video, the young woman confirmed if nobody was paying attention or coming to their table and packed her meat into the serviette paper beside her food.