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A woman that married with all her heart: Oyinbo woman expertly pounds palm fruit in viral video

A video of an Oyinbo woman expertly and meticulously pounding a cooked palm fruit has left many netizens praising her on social media.

In the video that was shared on TikTok, the white woman was captured pounding a palm fruit outside of their house with a mortar and pestle.

Palm Fruit in Africa aside from being used to extract palm oil can also be used to cook stew or soup called ‘Banga‘ or ‘Ofe Akwu.’

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Although it is unknown if the Oyinbo woman married an African man but she pounded the source of food like an indigenous woman who has been doing it for years.

In the video, while she was pounding, a little girl that seems like her daughter approached the mortar but was instructed to leave the area by the Oyinbo woman.

Reactions: With love everything is posible

Social media users were shocked as the Oyinbo woman pounded like she has lived in Africa her whole life. The video left many Africans impressed and most couldn’t help but praise her. See some comments below;

@redress3xclusive: common keep it on ok i like that

@laurentinebeasso: courage brave femme ?

@Manny4880: Beautiful ??

@user4339161370196sabine: Bravo ??

@su Realeza: With love everything is posible


@Jason: You look absolutely powerful on this it shows that your a real African wife

@shedrach37: African white?????

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Oyinbo lady buys mortar and pestle because of her love for pounded yam

Meanwhile, an Oyinbo lady got herself a mortar and pestle when she visited Nigeria to prepare her favourite delicacy, Pounded yam.

The UK lady @Joannaorou proudly shared on her page how she was determined to get mortar and pestle when she visited Nigeria.

She said that based on her determination, she got the mortar and pestle from a market in Lagos before returning to her country.

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