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Actor Adekola Tijani tearfully reveals conversation with Murphy Afolabi minutes before his death

Nollywood actor Adekola Tijani shared his account of the final meeting with his friend and fellow actor, Murphy Afolabi, before the unfortunate passing of Afolabi.

During an interview with Goldmynetv at the funeral in Ikorodu, Tijani described Afolabi as leading a humble life and being beloved by many. Tijani revealed that they had a conversation just thirty minutes before Afolabi’s sudden demise.

According to Adekola, some of Afolabi’s words in their last conversation hinted at a premonition of his own death.

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Afolabi’s demise occurred on Sunday, May 14, when he tragically fell in his bathroom in Lagos. Afolabi’s funeral took place on Monday, May 16.

Tijani mentioned that Afolabi had sent his weekly thrift contribution earlier than usual, prompting Tijani to inquire about it. Afolabi’s response was that one never knows when they will pass away.

Additionally, Afolabi asked Tijani to collect some clothes he used for his birthday photoshoot, which Tijani planned to do later. Unknown to Tijani at the time, Afolabi’s message held deeper meaning.

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