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45+ African Lace Styles for Weddings 2023

You don’t want to fall your hands at the next wedding you will be attending. As an African wedding guest, here are the best African lace styles for weddings you should sow for a glamorous look

African Lace Styles for Weddings
African Lace Styles for Weddings

Every African wedding preparation includes sharing Aseobi, uniforms for the couple’s parents and family, and other materials for close friends and well-wishers. 

The majority of the time, the uniform always boils down to lace material.

If you’re in any of these categories above, or maybe you’re just another unique wedding guest, then these lace styles are the way to go.

Lace material commands respect more than the Nigerian Ankara. It shows wealth and influence. Combine your lace material with any of our hot styles, and you’ll thank me later.

Consider these African Lace styles for weddings below and stand out in the coming wedding ceremony.


African Lace styles for weddings

Whether you want to look simple but admirable or you like it loud and ambiguous, we have it all in this article. Different styles to fit your dress sense and leave you looking beautiful all-round.

Look through the style below.

Lace Gowns with Side Drops

If you like to make a statement at any party, you should choose this style. Side drops go perfectly well with pencil gowns, whether it is a long gown or a short one.

Although this style will consume a lot of cloth, you’ll look beautiful if you try it.

Cord Lace gowns

Here is one of the latest lace in the Aseobi world. It is very popular and a must-have for every woman. Looking for african lace styles for weddings in 2023? Check out the styles above and get a matching game style to rock the next Nigerian occasion you will attend 

Fishtail African Lace Styles For Weddings

Fishtail Lace Style
Full fishtail gown

Fishtail lace style is the never-dying style for ladies. It has survived through ages and is still rocking Nigerian occasions. You can rock this glamourous style 

Skin Net Sleeves

Net sleeves lace gowns African Lace Styles for Weddings
Net sleeves, lace gowns

One of the reigning African lace styles for weddings is with net sleeves. Whether you are the bride, the bride’s maid, or a guest, you can see this style and look stunning at any wedding.


Flowing Lace Gowns

Step up your style and make some material flow 

Simple African Lace Styles For Weddings

Simple African Lace Styles for Weddings

In fashion sometimes less is always more. Check out these simple lace styles and make your choice

Simple is classic and exceptional in weddings. You can still look comfortable,  admirable, and sweet in any of these simple styles.


Peplum Lace Styles

Peplum lace styles are still invoked, especially if you get an experienced tailor to do a high peplum lace top or lace gown for you.

Also, check out the different sleeve styles to give your peplum a special look. Try this style and thank me later.

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Short Lace Gown 

Yeah… short lace gowns are not just for the ‘sisi eko’. Any woman with any body shape can rock short lace gowns at any African wedding.

Look different by making the gown any length of your choice.


Bubu Lace Style

This one is for the madams, or better still, for anyone looking and feeling like a madam. If that is you, then go with this fabulous look for your African wedding.

Don’t worry. You’ll be served and acknowledged as a VIP. Just make sure you have the best lace types to hype your game. 

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Off Shoulders African Style

You can rock this style for an African wedding or any other occasion. So, if you need something for weddings and big parties, show this style to your tailor and rock it on that day.

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High Front Slit Lace gown

Do you want to show some shiny skin? Then you should consider these front-slit styles. There are many creative ways to make your slit glamorous. Check the pictures above and then choose something to fit you.

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Gathers Lace gown Style

Good news! Gathers lace gown style isn’t out of the market, and it’s not going anytime soon. So if you like something simple and cute, go for this.

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Long Sleeves

Check out the sleeves of the dresses above, and you’ll see how exquisite they make that individual look. You can look stunning too. You can be the centre of the party with this simple style.

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Ruffled Hands Lace Gowns

Do you like plenty? Many material dresses make a lady look excellent. Ruffled sleeves will give you a combination of beauty and elegance.


Bubble Sleeves African Style

Here’s another lace style you can rock at any African wedding. Whether you are the bride, couple parent, family member, or highly esteemed guest, sew this style and take over the event.

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One-hand Lace Gowns

Completely take off the sleeves of one of your hands. This is a beautiful style for ladies with firm arms. 

You can use this style if you are among the bridesmaids and see how you attract much attention.

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Short sleeves Lace Styles

If you like it cool, then go for this short sleeve lace style. They are the best if you are looking for something simple. Sew a pencil gown with this sleeve type, and you will like yourself 100%

Wedding Lace Styles with Fringes

Whether they are long or short, fringes add special beauty to clothes, add them to any type of neckline and at the edges of your sleeves and watch how beautiful you’ll be.

Pencil Lace Gowns

Do you want something that can beautifully show your shape? Try out this pencil gown lace style. With it, you can rock any wedding at all.

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African Corset Lace Styles for Wedding 

This is the favourite style for many people. Top up your style by sewing this with bubble or long sleeves. You can thank me later 

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Lace gowns with Velvet

Look elegant and different by creating a great mixture of lace and velvet. This glamorous lace mixture will make a statement in any African wedding. You should try this style.

Lace gowns with straps.

Check out the lace gowns with straps on the chest if you like to show off some skin. This is the right style for you.


FAQS on African Styles for Weddings

Can wedding guests wear lace?

Lace is one of the best materials to wear for any African Wedding Ceremony. Lace is glamorous. A good style will enhance body shape and hide defects. Lace is for the esteemed.

Are lace dresses still fashionable?

Yes, they are. Popular wedding Aseobi this year is rocking lace materials. Lace is never going out of fashion, just pick your best styles from the pictures above.

What not to wear to an African wedding?

You can avoid corporate dresses. Office wears and dresses that are too casual. Since it is an African wedding, you should pick something native.

What colour do African brides wear?

Unlike western brides, that are streamlined to wearing just white, African brides have the leverage to choose whatever colour their heart desires. If you’re the bride, make sure you make a great colour pick.


If you’re going to attend any wedding, make sure you take the best styles as shown above. You’ll surely look beautiful on anyone you pick.

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