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Agbada Styles for Men in 2023

Agbada styles for men is a native Nigerian attire that has an open sew elegant robe, with an extensive cover put on over an inner-wear. This traditional outfit is normally a three-piece wear that has a pair of trousers, an elegant gown outside, and a long sleeve shirt that is inside.

Agbada styles for men
different agbada styles

One of the things you would love about this native wear is the freedom it affords you to style and design it. There’s been a change in the beauty of agbada as the years went by, it gave the designers enough room to show how creative they are with different styles.

Traditionally, agbada is predominantly worn by men, but women have also been able to find a way to rock this outfit. Agbada is an outfit that will give you a makeover or a totally different look, almost looking like a charm. Anybody that dawns this outfit is sure to steal the show at any event they attend. Just like 2pac said, “ All eyes on me”.

Without any further delay, let us go right into the different agbada styles for men that you can check out:

Agbada Styles for Men

Blue Royalty

Agbada styles for men
blue royalty agbada design

As the years have gone by, the blue royalty agbada styles for men have continued to increase in its popularity. This is most common among male celebs. Men putting on the blue royalty agbada has this pleasing appeal about it, as it is just stunning. 

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White and Grand

Smart Agbada styles
Beautiful design of the white and grand agbada

Rocking a white agbada almost makes you want to feel like royalty. Asides from the attention you are sure to get with the white agbada, it will bring you respect from all corners. The beautiful thing about this outfit is that you can dawn it for any occasion. To bring out the class in this outfit, combine it with black, gold, beige, or green colours.

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Purple Fire

You can put on the purple agbada design with lovely needlework that oozes class in a number of ways. This is solely based on what you prefer or how you want to style it. You can also ensure that you do not elaborate on it.

Brodda shaggi rocking the purple fire agbada

As the colour does not need you to do much with it before it can come out classy. To top it all off, a purple agbada combined with black shoes will change you totally.

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Black Prime

As we all know that black is a uniform colour, it goes well with almost everything you combine it with. Agbada, designed in black colour will most likely not go out of fashion. You might prefer it trendy or combined with vivid colours. Rocking it the modest way or just traditionally, the certain thing is that you will not miss any.

The gorgeous look of the black prime agbada

In addition, black agbada is quite different from white one because it relieves you of the worry about stains. Black agbada are resilient and can live through any sort of stain or dirt, be it oil or drink.

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Red Agbada

If you are adventurous, you can try out the red agbada. The red agbada does need to do much for you to stand out because the colour is already distinctive on its own. The colour will definitely catch the eye of an onlooker and shine bright anywhere you go.

Agbada styles for men
Stylish look of the red Agbada

To add to the funkiness, rather than the traditional cap, why don’t you rock a hat? Also, do not add red to the outfit as an extra.

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Agbada Amurode

Agbada styles for men
Agbada amurode

The agbada is one of the agbada styles for men out there. This style involves so much detail, and it is also quite large. Due to the purpose, it is meant to serve as the amurode (outing) agbada is normally made of thick and costly material. The agbada has a high level of decoration and needlework. Lastly, the design of this outfit is usually wider.

HipHop Agbada

If you are the life of the party type, and you want to attend shows of your favourite artists. This outfit is the perfect fit for you to show how groovy you are to the music. To spice up your looks with this style, try to combine it with a hat that is as peculiar as the rest of the wear.

Agbada styles for men
Phyno and Ebuka in the Agbada hip-hop style

The beautiful thing about it is that this style has no boundaries, you can combine it with anything you want, and you’ll still look dapper.

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Agbada Iwole

Agbada iwole

This agbada style is also known as Sapara or Sulia, and it is one of the agbada styles for men today. Unlike the agbada amurode, it is smaller and weighs a lot less. The size of the agbada iwole (mofty) makes it very comfortable because the material is basic, and the cotton material weighs less.

Short Agbada

The short agbada
The short agbada

This style is one of the new agbada styles for men out there. And all you need to look good with this style is to use a very small outer gown than the normal elegant one we all know. The short agbada style is already catching up with the ones we know, and very soon enough, a lot of men will jump o this train.

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Green Envy

With the green colour, there are many ways you can style your agbada, and every single one gives a good result. One of the notable things about this colour is that anywhere you go you are sure going to draw attention to yourself.

Agbada styles for men
Beautiful look of green agbada

Even though we are talking about the agbada styles for men, this colour also looks very good on women. To bring out its full potential, match the colour with the one it goes well with, like brown or black. With these, we bet that you will most definitely steal the attention on that occasion you’re attending.

Not having a clue how popular and stylish Agbada is for men is evident that when it comes to fashion, you don’t know a lot about what men will like.  This outfit has taken over the internet, and that is why they call Yoruba menYoruba Demons”.

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Why you Should try out the Agbada Styles for Men

  • It is not difficult to maintain
  • Agbada is a perfect fit for any important event
  • There is no age limitation to it. Both young and old people can try it out
  • You can have it in lots of colours, styles and designs, depending on your stylist
  • Agbada is a style of dressing that commands respect
  • It is a well-known and loved African attire
  • It is a way of showcasing the Yoruba culture
  • Lastly, dawning the agbada oozes class

The interesting thing is that agbada styles for men aren’t just for the big men alone. Anybody can dawn the outfit, so far you style it according to your budget. After all, It is quite evident on social media that even as a young, you can rock this outfit and look as handsome as ever without breaking the bank.

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FAQs for Agbada styles for Men

How many yards do I need for agbada men?

Typically, you will need about 4 – 7 yards to sew a good quality Agbada attire.

What shoes can I wear on agbada?

The loafers

It is for days when you do not want to wear a necktie or socks. It is also perfectly paired with agbada or native attires.

Is agbada a Yoruba attire?

Agbada is a four-piece male attire found among the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, West Africa. 

Is Senator material good for Agbada?

Interestingly, agbada can be made from cashmere or senator materials. This makes it more appealing due to the beautifulness of the material. 

What is another name for agbada?

It is called agbádá in Yoruba, babban Riga in Hausa, boubou or mbubb in Wolof, k’sa or gandora in Tuareg, Kwayi Bèri in Zarma-Songhai, darra’a in Maghrebi Arabic, grand boubou in various French-speaking West African countries and the English term gown.

What is the best fabric for a senator wears?

Senator fabric is wool clothing material used in making bespoke men’s designs. This type of fabric is usually used for senator clothing.