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An extremely religious man or woman is not a good fit for marriage – Nigerian female user gives advice for marriage

A Nigerian lady gave advice on marriage and insisted that an extremely religious man or woman can’t be a good fit for marriage.

Her only exception to this was that the marriage could only work if both partners were extremely religious.

She shared that netizens may think that a ‘child of God’ would be a perfect fit but that was not the case.

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She wrote: “An extremely religious man or woman should not be your first or second option for marriage, if you are not as extremely religious as they are. You may be thinking that because the man or woman is a “child of God”, he or she would do better and make the relationship a bliss.”

she shared that it was simple delusion to go for an extremist and it was safer for one mentally to be with a normal person.

An extremely religious man can’t make a good partner

An extremely religious man can’t be my friend

She said boldly that it was better to be with an atheist than an extremist

Her tweet got many reactions in the affirmative as some even said they couldn’t have an extremely religious man or woman as a friend.

@Absol10Abiola: “Don’t go and say this to Campus Fellowship people o…. especially those ones in #oaucampusfellowships 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
We are not ready for that discussion yet sha….”

@naughtydakid: “Extremely religious can’t even be my friend abeg cause they do the unimaginable. Talking from experience.”

@kingz_abdul1: “Unfortunately alot of women have fallen into this trap, especially from these upcoming pastors.”

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Davido blacklisted in Dubai over disrespectful religious music video – Kemi Olunloyo

Meanwhile, journalist, Kemi Olunloye has alleged that Afrobeats star, Davido has been blacklisted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates over controversial music video.

She took to her Twitter to make the allegations after muslims faithful dragged the singer for sharing his signee, Logos Olori’s controversial video on his Twitter.

Davido’s signee, Logos Olori was seen singing and dancing to a secular song while some Muslims in white attire observed their Salah.

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