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Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography: Net worth, Age, Damascus experience, and Controversies

When you write Apostle Johnson Suleman, the third alphabet is conspicuously missing. However, an article on the pastor that doesn’t contain the word controversial is incomplete. The senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International is known not only for his preaching and prophecies but also for his activism and activities in ‘the other room’.

In 2022, a blogger released a ‘Balling d’Or’ (not to be mistaken for Ballon d’Or) list comprising the names of 30 female celebrities the pastor has had ‘dealings’ with.

“I’m being accused of knowing some people,” Apostle Johnson Suleman said.

“These are people who come to my church. Should I deny my children because of what is being written? The list is not long enough. Make it 200.”

Two hundred ladies? Well, we don’t know how he arrived at that number, but being a well-read man, we reckon the cleric knows quite interesting facts about the number 200.

In 2014, Mike Newman, 52 (coincidentally the current age of Apostle Johnson Suleman), became the first blind man to drive a car at a speed over 200mph. Newman was guided by a navigator over a radio link.

Do you know that only about 200 white tigers are in the world? (If you ask me, who did the count, who will I ask?)

The next fact is less ambiguous.

In 200 AD, Clement of Alexandria condemned the use of musical instruments to go along with human voices in Christian churches. Apostle Johnson Suleman ignored Clement of Alexandria!

In 200 BC, the building of the Great Wall of China was begun. This fact can’t be ignored.

The 200th episode of South Park was titled 200. It’s infamous for its portrayal of Prophet Muhammed. The brains behind the show received death threats from terrorists. We’ll pay new naira notes for the thoughts of the pastor on this!

We are sure that the pastor knows that just 200 companies control a quarter of the world’s wealth. His Hosanna oil and gas company is not on the list!  

In Greek mythology, Typhon the Titan, aka father of all monsters, had 200 fire-flashing eyes. Two for each of his 100 heads. Gory sight.

Mr Make it 200, aka Apostle Johnson Suleman, should know this last fun fact about the number 200.

In the Old Testament, we are told that David bought his wife with a dowry of 200 Philistine foreskins. His prospective father-in-law, Saul, gave him the challenge. The king fully expected the owners of the said foreskins would kill David.

“And Saul said, thus shall ye say to David, the king desireth not any dowry, but a hundred foreskins of the Philistines, to be avenged of the king’s enemies,” the King James version of the story says.

Instead, David and his men doubled the number and killed 200 Philistines. He presented their foreskins to Saul, who had no choice but to give him his daughter Michal in marriage (1 Samuel 18:26). The king later divorced the couple and married Michal off to someone else.

Controversial Saul. Controversial Sule.

Apostle Johnson Suleman ‘plans’ to punch the blogger

We present Apostle Johnson Suleman’s biography.

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Birth

Apostle Johnson Suleman was born Johnson Sule on March 24th 1971. Though he now stays in Auchi, he’s from Etsako West, in Edo State. He was raised as a Muslim until his Damascus Road experience. He “encountered Christ” in 1994, and his destiny and mission were reportedly revealed to him.

This was a prophecy foretold.

A few days after his birth, some prophets from Warri paid a courtesy visit to the baby and his parents. They didn’t bring gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They brought a message indicating that the sole purpose of Suleman’s existence would be working in the Lord’s Vineyard.

Being staunch Muslims, the message did not sit well with his parents. But as Suleman advanced in age, his parents noticed he behaved quite differently from his peers. He reportedly had a soft spot for the kefirs despite being a Muslim. He became fully connected with Christianity while in secondary school.

In 1994, the pastor said he received a revelation showing him how he would start his church. Shortly after the revelation, he became an assistant pastor at the Armor of God Church in Lagos.


Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Parents

His father, Imoudu Sule, is a business owner and political stalwart of the All Progressives Congress in Auchi. His mother is Mrs Esther Sule. We can as well call her Mrs Anonymous because her identity is, erm, anonymous!

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s father

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Education

Apostle Johnson Suleman had his primary and secondary education in Auchi. We don’t know the identity of the schools, but according to him, he became a millionaire at 19 while he was still schooling. He had a job moving cocoa in trucks from Auchi to the northern parts of Nigeria.

The millionaire Suleman enrolled at the University of Benin to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. He followed it up with a master’s degree in human resource management and later a doctorate in the same field.

Is Apostle Johnson Suleman a professor?

You can call him Dr Apostle Johnson Suleman because of his doctorate. However, he’s not yet a professor, so he can’t be addressed as one. He’s on the right path, though. With additional research and academic experience, he’ll become Professor Apostle Johnson Suleman!

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Ministry

After his Damascus Road experience, Apostle Johnson Suleman became an itinerant preacher. He later became an assistant pastor at the Armor of God Church in Lagos. In 2004, he founded Omega Fire Ministries International with its head office in Auchi. The church has branches nationwide and also in the UK.

According to the pastor, the name of his church came from the revelation he got from God. He said he was told to “put an end to affliction; I am sending you with an Omega anointing”.

Apostle Suleman claimed to have grown up under the tutelage of the late Benson Idahosa prior to the formation of his church. Now, he has an informal father-and-son relationship with Ayo Oritsejafor. But he never fails to recall his encounter with Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. 

‘Father and son’: Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Apostle Johnson Suleman

“In 1992, I came to Auchi to visit my father as a believer,” he said.

“By then, I was only preaching in minor places. One day, I was told about a programme at a church. Pastor Adeboye was preaching during the program, and he knelt to pray. When he got up, he called God ‘my daddy’. I got angry at first; then he said again that we had a madman outside.

“Immediately they brought the madman, and he said to us, let’s worship ‘my daddy’; after the worship, the madman healed. The funny thing was Adeboye was very calm when saying this. I was just speechless because I never knew God’s plan for me through him.

“After the program, I didn’t bother following him up because the late Benson Idahosa was my spiritual father in the lord, and I can’t betray him. My father in the lord died in 1998 in March, and I was now fatherless. So, in another crusade where over 4 million people gathered, God used Pastor Adeboye greatly with the word of knowledge. I was still observing.

“About 2006, I went into prayer, and something happened. I wrote names of pastors around the world that I wanted to be like. Funny enough, the late Benson Idahosa was number 10.

“God left others and answered the one about Pastor Adeboye. Why? I don’t stand in one spot while preaching, but pastor Adeboye stands in one spot. The holy spirit told me to pattern my ministry with Pastor Adeboye. I became calm while preaching because of Pastor Adeboye”.

The fiery pastor is undeniably one of the most famous Nigerian pastors today. His massive following in the country and other parts of the globe confirms his ever-growing popularity. However, his fame and accomplishments have not come without a share of controversies. We shall come to that later.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Messages

For the latest news and video messages, download all Apostle Johnson Suleman sermons and views from YouTube or Mp3.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Books

But if your faith doesn’t come by hearing, grab one of the several books the pastor wrote and replenish your soul. Here is a look at some of them…

Accessing Deep Secrets

Converting Scriptures to Prayers

Deep Mystery of Speaking in Tongues

From Back Seat to The Front Seat

How To Cook Yourself in Prayers

Principles Driven Life: Your guide to handling trivial life issues

Your Mother Had an Information for You

Some of the books of Apostle Suleman

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Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Wife  

His mother didn’t inform him about his wife, Lizzie Suleman! We don’t know how they met either, but she’s a minister at his church. She’s often seen sharing a podium with the bald pastor.

Lovebirds: Apostle Suleman and his wife

The couple has six children: one son and five daughters.

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Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Daughters

Favour Vanessa Johnson Suleman is their firstborn child. She will be 19 on June 4th 2023. Favour became popular when she appeared on her father’s social media pages when she marked her 16th birthday. She heads The Triumphant Sisters, a musical group made up of the four daughters of the non-singing apostle.

Their second daughter, Divine Johnson Suleman, was born on August 17th, 2006. She’s walking in the shoes of the apostle as a preacher of the gospel. She’s often seen conducting praise and worship sessions in her father’s church.

Love Johnson Suleman is their third child. She was born on June 7th 2008. Mirabel Johnson Suleman, the funny bone in the family, is their fourth child. Don’t be surprised to see her on stage, not with her father, but with Basketmouth in the 2030 edition of A Night of a Thousand Laugh!

Ebenezer Johnson Suleman is the first son of the couple. He was born on May 13th 2013. Excel Johnson Suleman is, for now, the pastor’s last child and fifth daughter.

Apostle Johnson Suleman and family

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Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Net worth

Apostle Johnson Suleman is among the richest pastors in Nigeria. His estimated net worth is $10.5 million. He generates his money from his ministries and other business ventures. He’s listed as the CEO of Hosanna Oil and Gas. The pastor also has an interest in real estate, schools, a water bottling company, and a printing press.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Cars

The Man of God sure loves the things of the world and his choice of cars says it all. The designer-wearing pastor owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Porsche, Cayenne, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Toyota Prado.  

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s House

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s mansion is about the finest house in Auchi. It has a helipad, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and other extravagant things befitting a man of God.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Real phone number

We don’t know his unreal phone number not to talk about the real one! But you can stay in contact with the Apostle Johnson Suleman on his Instagram page. Be among the 4.2m followers of johnson_suleman_official.

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Sometimes, Apostle Johnson Suleman is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Let’s recall some of them.    

In 2017, Apostle Johnson Suleman told his congregation to take up arms against Fulani herdsmen, some of whom have been blamed for the attack on Christians in Nigeria.

“Any Fulani herdsman that just enters by mistake and wants to pretend, kill him,” he said.

“Kill him. Cut his head. If they are busy killing Christians and nothing is happening, we will kill them, and nothing will happen.”

He was, however, summoned by the Department of State Services (DSS) following the remarks. He was cautioned against making inflammatory comments. His response was leaked by a source close to ThisDay newspaper.

“The pastor insisted that he is not a politician nor does he encourage or like violence,” the source said.

“He said he was naturally angry at the federal government’s silence at the killings of Nigerians, mostly Christians, by the Fulani herdsmen and that he only called for self-defence against them. He maintains that his comments refer to Fulani militants and are not directed at the Fulani ethnic group or Muslims in general.”  

In previous messages, Apostle Johnson Suleman alleged that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai had confessed to paying Fulani herdsmen to kill Christians. Though the governor of Kaduna State denied the allegation, he’s seen as not doing enough to curb religious crises in the state inhabited by Muslims and Christians.

On June 2nd 2021, Twitter deleted a part of a thread posted on President Muhammadu Buhari’s account, which violated its rules. Many saw the tweet as hate speech against the Igbos. Many, but not Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture.

In a press conference, he accused Twitter of ignoring inciting tweets by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, and others.

“We have a country to rule,” he said.

“And we will do so to the best of our ability. Twitter’s mission in Nigeria is very suspect. They have an agenda.”

This comment made Apostle Johnson Suleman become Activist Johnson Suleman. 

“School children were kidnapped. No federal press conference addressed it,” he said.

“People are killed daily, no word of stern threat to the bandits. A tweet was deleted, and you had a press conference? Define joblessness! Many are mad (mentally ill), few are roaming.”

If it were a political rally, ‘AJS! AJS!’ would have rented the air. 

On October 21st, 2022, a day after the anniversary of the Lekki Shooting, the convoy of Apostle Johnson Suleman was shot at along the Benin Auchi expressway. Seven people, including police officers, were killed in the attack.

“He was returning from a journey, and he was almost on the shores of Auchi when some assassins attacked him. Three of his police orderlies, among others, died. He had travelled before and just finished a programme in Tanzania,” Samuel Amune, a lawyer to the cleric, said.

“He was returning to Auchi when the gunmen attacked him along Sabongida down to Warake area, and Auchi shares a direct boundary with Warake. So, he had passed Warake and was entering the boundaries of Auchi when the attack happened.”

The Apostle was saved by his bulletproof car. He, however, attributed his escape to God.

“People who did this are expecting me to come out and mention their names so they can come out and deny it. I won’t do that,” he said.

“The truth of the matter is, you can’t kill me. My life is in the hands of God. I am a man of God.”

Let’s move to matters of the creaking beds.

It’s no longer news that several Nollywood actresses have been romantically linked to the Man of God. If you cling to the saying that there’s no smoke without fire, then Apostle Johnson Suleman has ‘met’ Halima Abubakar, Cossy Orjiakor, Iyabo Ojo, Queen Nwokoye, Shan George, and Daniella Okeke. Stephanie Otabo, a Canada-based musician, completes the exhaustive (?) list.

‘Smoke without fire’: Halima Abubakar and Apostle Johnson Suleman

FAQs for Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s Biography

Who is Apostle Suleman’s mentor?

The apostle stated that Pastor Enoch Adeboye and the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa were his mentors.

When was Divine Johnson Suleman born?

Divine Johnson Suleman was born on August 17th, 2006. She’s Apostle Johnson Suleman’s second daughter.

Who is Apostle Johnson Suleman’s biological father?

Imoudu Sule is his father.

Where is pastor Suleman from?

He’s from Etsako West in Edo State.


Apostle Johnson Suleman is well known for his preaching, prophecies, immense wealth, and controversies. You can expand the list in the comment section below.

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