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Superwoman: Autistic lady welcomes cute baby boy, awes many with her story

A Nigerian lady has taken to the social space to share the story of her autistic sister who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

In a TikTok video, @ifieminewton95 shared with the world that she was called by their older sibling one faithful day that their sister was pregnant.

She was devasted when she heard the news and questioned her autistic sister if she knew who was responsible. The lady told them, but the person she claimed to be the father denied it.

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The two sisters then decided to take responsibility for both the mother and the little baby as they shared that to the glory of God the mother and child are doing very well.

Reactions: Her smile is contagious

The video had many social media users smiling. While some gushed over the beauty of the child and his mother, others prayed for them. See some comments below;

@lawrentiaebere: God will change her story and health because of her innocent boy

@Cutie🌹💫: why I’m I crying?😢 God will bless her n the little angel sent to comfort her,will bring everlasting joy n happiness to the family..Amen🥰🥰🥰

@Anna panda: She is an amazing strong woman 💪

@user629433069900: wow,she beautiful…God gave her an everlasting partner to take care of her,when u guy are not around.. blessings indisguide..😊☺️☺️

@user1553227286507: her smile is so contagous

@Tammy Johnson: she is beautiful, and the baby is beautiful. May GODS lights shine on them both

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Autistic man who couldn’t speak until age 11 becomes youngest black professor

Meanwhile, an African-American man who could not speak until he was age 11 set a new record at Cambridge university for being the youngest black professor.

The seasoned Sociology professor, Jason Arday, narrated his ups and down while growing up as an autistic child and the important role his mother played in the journey to his success.

Arday said he was diagnosed with global development delay and autism spectrum disorder at three years old when he couldn’t speak as every normal child but could only communicate with sign language. 

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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