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It’s my calling: Beautician drops full-time job and becomes a witch where she earns N4M in a month

A former beautician identified as Jessica Caldwell ditched her business for over 5 years to fully invest in witchcraft.

The 29-year-old witch who now earns over N4m in a month made this decision after she experienced a spiritual awakening while scrolling through the social media app, Instagram when she was working as a nail technician.

According to her, she immediately purchased books online and found her hidden talent of reading tarot cards.

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In Januaury 2021, Jessicca who is from Swansea opened up an Instagram acount where she reads tarot cards and she was immediately bombarded with people who patronized her talents.

I do always encourage other women to give it a try – Jessica says

Beautician becomes witch

For over two years now, the young woman was bold to share that she now has over 5000 clients, some of which are friends and celebrities.

She shared that at first friends and family were not in support of her spiritual journey, however, they gave in to her wishes when they realized she was making good money.

According to Mirror, Jesicca charges about N3,500 to N35,00 for tarot reading, she added that she works for about 10 hours and work at anytime she wants compared to when she was a beautician.

Beautician becomes witch

The young woman encouraged other women who are considering waliking on this spiritual journey to go ahead as she asserted that through her tarot readings, she has changed so many people’s life.

“It’s really changed my life, it’s my calling. I do always encourage other women to give it a try, I’ve been on such a journey of discovery,” she said.

Jessica also added that she doesn’t see herself going back to her beautician job because she is very comfortbale and good with what she does.

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My husband can’t knack me well like my spiritual man: Nigerian lady tells herbalist

Meanwhile, a video of a Nigerian woman begging a herbalist not to release her fully from her spiritual spouse because he is very good in bed has caused a stir on social media.

The woman’s husband directed her to the herbalist so she could be separated from her marine husband.

However, when the woman arrived at the spiritualist’s home, she requested to be partially separated from her marine husband.

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