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10 Best Areas to Build or Own a House in Lagos

Lagos is one of the best places to inhabit in Nigeria due to its beautiful and pristine landscape. It is also Nigeria’s economic powerhouse. 

From tech startups to small businesses and cooperations, it is no surprise that many want to live in the center of excellence. 

Best areas to live in Lagos State, Nigeria? If you are considering moving here, this may be a question. It may also be a question for a corporate organization looking to send expatriates into the country.

This article will rank the top residential neighborhoods in both the mainland and island parts of Lagos. We will also mention their contributing variables and normal living conditions.

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Areas to live in Lagos

Eko Atlantic City

Before we start, let me begin by telling you that this one is not for the weak. Why? Well, the futuristic place that is now known as EKO Atlantic City sits on land that used to be part of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The area has state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure that can compete with any other global metropolis. So much so that some have compared it to Dubai or Miami in the United States. You’ll be close to some other well-known districts, such Oniru & Victoria Island, if you choose to stay here. 

A modern city, a wonder of Africa, and one of the most astounding technical achievements ever attempted have all been used to describe Eko Atlantic City.

If you can afford it, and you don’t mind defending your house against Poseidon or Aquaman when they eventually come back to reclaim that part of the ocean, then it’s undoubtedly a terrific area to own and build a house. 

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In addition to being adjacent to Mile 12, one of Lagos’ largest markets, Magodo is also among the city’s most picturesque neighborhoods. 

If you want to live comfortably and safely in Lagos with access to good roads, a bustling neighborhood, first-rate social amenities, and kind neighbors, The Magodo Housing Estate is the place for you. Also, if you want to reside close to your place of employment, Magodo is unquestionably the ideal area. 

The homes and apartments in this area of Lagos look like they were plucked directly from upscale international magazines by developers. 

Banana Island, Lagos

Banana Island is an artificial island that was created from the Ikoyi beachfront in Lagos, Nigeria. Am I the only one worried here about Lagos and its tendency to steal land from the ocean?

It is well known that affluent Nigerians reside on Banana Island, which also contains some of the costliest real estate in the country. But anyone who has visited this island will agree that it is in a league of its own. 

Due to its tranquility, the Banana Island community is home to nearly 2,000 people from various countries.

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Really one of the best places to stay on Lagos Mainland. 

Nearly every highway and road in Lagos leads to Surulere. About every location in Lagos is reachable from Surulere for a transportation fee of N500. The stadium, the airport, Oshodi, Victoria Island, Lagos Island, Alaba, you name it. There’s even a rumor that you can get a bus going to Canada from… oh, that’s Oshodi.

A residential and commercial Local Government Area, Surulere is situated on the Lagos Mainland. With a population density of 21,864 people per square kilometer, it has 23 km2 and 503,975 residents as of 2006. 

Famous individuals including Babatunde Raji Fashola, Teslim Fatusi, and Aliko Dangote have also resided in and/or lived in Surulere.

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The wealthiest district in Lagos State. Argue with your keyboards.

Ikoyi is a neighborhood in the northeastern Obalende section of Lagos, in the Eti-Osa Local Government Area, adjacent to Lagos Island and the Lagos Lagoon. Some of Nigeria’s richest and upper-class residents reside here. It has a virtually nonexistent crime rate, and the community supports this characteristic with first-quality security.

Ikoyi is also home to various prestigious establishments, including the World Health Organization (WHO), The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and the Google Nigeria headquarters. In addition, it is home to the Deputy Governor of Lagos State and the Presidential Secretariat of the Nigerian Government. 

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One of the best spots in Lagos to start a family, Yaba is on the Lagos Mainland, and home to some of the finest academic facilities in Nigeria

From Queens College to The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research and The University of Lagos, and tons of first-class private schools, Yaba is one of the most sought-after areas. It also houses the majority of start-ups in Lagos, including Co-Creation Hub and Andela.

Victoria Island 

In Lagos’ Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Victoria Island (VI) is a wealthy neighborhood that encircles a former island bordered by Ikoyi, the Lekki Peninsula, and Lagos Island.

With a low crime rate, it is one of the best areas to own a house in Lagos and boasts opulent structures, eateries, schools, housing developments, parks, and security systems.

Ogudu GRA

Ogudu is another well-known neighborhood around Ojota on the Lagos mainland that offers a variety of opulent apartments and flats for rent. This area is a tranquil, serene, and gorgeous government reserve area reserved for those with the means to pay. 

Ogudu is renowned for its excellent road system, useful streetlights, drainage system, and hip places to hang out or unwind with your family.


Lekki is unparalleled in Lagos in terms of wealth and social class. It is Nigeria’s Beverly Hills, and will soon be one of the top investment locations in Africa due to the Dangote refinery’s ongoing construction. 

The neighborhood has experienced significant growth in terms of development and expansion. It is a location in Lagos that provides fantastic employment opportunities, dependable government support, top-notch private schools, first-rate medical facilities, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.


Lagos’ capital, Ikeja, continues to be one of the state’s most populous cities and one of the best areas to live in Lagos. Because so many people pick Ikeja as their business location, it is regarded as the hub of commercial activity in Lagos.

The Ikeja GRA is really lovely and well-planned out. Hence, the area links to many important places in Lagos like the Opebi Allen, Alausa, Ilupeju, the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, and the Lagos state house of assembly.

Lagos’ Ikeja neighborhood is a tidy and peaceful place to live. The Ikeja City Mall, as well as any of the neighborhood’s theaters, pubs, or restaurants, are all fantastic places to hang out with friends. 

Ikeja also boasts many excellent hospitals, schools, and security installations.

Best areas to own a house in Lagos: In conclusion

These are some of the best places to own or build houses in Lagos. These locations will provide you with the highest level of comfort and security and enable hassle-free access to your workplace.

I wholeheartedly advise moving to any of these neighborhoods if you ever want to enjoy life in Lagos. You’ll fall in love with what you see.