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24 Best Romantic Love Letters for your Love

In a world that has been overthrown by technology and one where love is treated as a forbidden luxury, one might wonder where the place for romantic love letters is; but it’s right here.

Romantic Love Letter for your love
Romantic Love Letter

Writing romantic love letters, or letters in general, is an art as old as humans. Even people in the stone age carved letters into rocks, expressing their love for each other.

That right there is the true definition of love; imagine how much work it would take to engrave even a dot, let alone a drawing, into rocks.

But people in the stone age might have even had it easier than people in our age. Yes, no one is carving messages into rocks —technology got rid of that, thankfully— but people had more time in the stone age than we do now.

I hear you say, ‘It’s still the same 24 hours’ I agree, but there weren’t things like social media, digital marketing, online schooling, blogging, etc., to mention but a few of the things that keep us engaged in this generation. A lot has changed, including love and how people love.

We’ve seen a myriad of strange and despicable things happen when it comes to love, enough that nobody even knows if it’s real anymore.

But what happens when you find someone and are sure of what you feel and you have to do your best to convince them it’s real? What happens when all the video editing apps don’t seem to work?

You go old school!

Pen and paper might soon be a thing of the past, and future generations might not even know what it is, but imagine taking a step back from all the things you have to do and penning a romantic love letter to your love.

And imagine receiving such a gesture???

It doesn’t matter how much life evolves. Writing letters would be forever gold and even more appreciated when nobody does it anymore.

In my opinion, it emphasizes how serious you are about a person. It shows that you care enough to communicate your thoughts.

Also, if sent to the right person, it would be appreciated and probably replied to— don’t wait on a reply tho.

It would not be a surprise if you love the idea of writing a love letter but just don’t know how to start.

Considering that the letter writing we’re taught in school is limited to only formal and informal letters, this article would shed some light on how to write a romantic love letter to your love.


Why Love letters?

Before going into how to write a love letter, here are a few reasons why you should even try in the first place;

1) They are very personal; people somehow pour out their deepest feelings when they write love letters

2) They are tangible; they serve as a souvenir of the love you share with a person.

3) They create mystery and spark interest; should you and your partner decide to exchange love letters, the fact that you both have to wait until you receive a letter leaves you wondering what the other person would write.

This also gives you both something to look forward to and keeps the embers of your relationship glowing.

4) They provide a creative outlet; love letters give you a platform to be expressive and with the chance of making mistakes and not being judged for them.

5) They are romantic; It doesn’t matter how long or short your love letter is, it would leave your partner doe-eyed.

Love letters strengthen the bond between partners

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How to Write a Love Letter to your Partner

Writing is an art. Writing a love letter is a delicate art; you don’t rush art. You have to follow the process and be ready to give it your all. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

1. Be ready to get vulnerable

Writing a love letter has many great benefits. One very important one is that it helps to affirm your love for your partner, especially after a long period and when you’ve both fallen into a comfortable routine.

Relationship counsellors have observed that couples can often forget to reach out and connect as they get carried away with the hustle and bustle of life.

A love letter presents an opportunity to step back, connect with your emotions and show some serious affection to your partner—especially if it’s something you don’t often do.

To feel the full effect of this, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to sharing your heart.

Many times we worry about being misunderstood or talked down or not listened to but writing a love letter creates a genuine opportunity to connect.

At this point, there is no need to hide from your emotions or try to shy away from them. Instead, you should embrace and share them the same way that you feel them.

Leaning into your emotions would make your love letter resonate with your love.

Start the letter with a personal greeting

Our teachers back in secondary school couldn’t have overemphasized the importance of salutation in your letter.

And the opening of your love letter is just as important as your salutation. The greeting sets the tone of your letter and gives an insight into how your letter should be perceived.

In other words, your greeting is your first impression, and you know what they say about first impressions.

Your greeting also decides whether or not they’ll finish reading the letter.

Instead of starting with something like “Dear Maisie”, greet them with something more personalized. Pet names and inside jokes work well for this.

Here are some examples you can use;
To my best friend…
To my darling…
To my soul mate…
To my forever love…
Baby, sweetie, bae, etc.
Dear [pet name]…


I remember the first time we met…

It feels like a long time ago when we went on our first date. I remember how you looked…

When we first met, I immediately knew you were special because…
I always knew you were the one for me, right from that day when…

Close the letter warmly

Closing or wrapping up the letter is important because it is where you sum up all the things you have just laid out in your letter.

This section shouldn’t be that long since you’ve put the meat of the letter into the body.

Romantic Love letters for your love

Below are examples of love letters you can send your loved ones. You can either copy them directly or use them as a template for your love letter.

I’d advise that you only use them as a template because whatever you write has to be original and come from your heart.

  • 1) Sweetie,

The day our eyes met marks the day that my life changed. I looked into your eyes and knew for sure that I had arrived where I would stay.

Since that day, you’ve done nothing but bring me joy and peace of mind. My world feels brighter because I have you in it. Your arms are where I want to be forever.


  • 2) Love,

There’s only one explanation for why I fall more in love with you every day: there’s just something incredible about you.

I may not say it every time, but you have given my life a purpose and direction and restored something to me that I didn’t even know I was missing until you came into my life.

I can’t imagine my life without you because it would mean nothing without your touch.

Love you,

  • 3) Darling,

I’ve heard a lot about love, and most of it is that it’s tough, but with you, I only know that falling in love is easy.

Sometimes, I wonder what I did in my previous life that made me lucky enough to earn you in this one.

I wonder how such a beautiful, strong, loving, and caring woman can ever love someone like me and manage my excesses.

I know I’m not perfect, but I promise to do everything I can to keep you happy and smiling always.

Yours lovingly,

  • 4) Dear,

Words are not enough to describe how deeply I feel about you. I don’t believe in fairy tales but know that you’re my dream come true.

You’re my Cinderella, and I only hope I’m worthy enough to be your Prince Charming. You make me feel complete and happy, and I don’t ever want to lose that in our happily ever after.

Thank you for choosing to understand and love me unconditionally.

Yours and only yours,

  • 5) Love,

Seeing you smile brings joy to my heart. My life is perfect because I get to watch you smile, hold you in my arms, and call you mine.

I never want any moment with you to end, and I know I’m blessed to have someone who loves me as you do and who cares for me more than I do myself.

I want to be with you from now till eternity.

I love you,

Quick tip
Make sure to express yourself in simple and sweet words.

Be honest and ensure you proofread the letter to avoid grammatical and punctuation errors which might distract your lover from the point of the letter.

  • 6) Honey,

I had searched and given up on finding a lover and best friend in one person. You came along and renewed my hope in love and humanity.

You’re the best gift I’ve ever received, and I’m grateful to the Almighty for finding me worthy enough of this gift.

You feel my life with hope, happiness, and love, and I promise to always do the same for you.

Your beloved,

  • 7) Sweetheart,

Time stops when I look into your eyes as I drown in their depths. When you hold my hand, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world.

When you cradle my face and speak to my heart, you give me the strength to conquer the world. Thank you for always believing in me and bringing out the best in me.

Love you forever, my love.

  • 8) Honey,

Because this life is so brief, I wouldn’t want to squander even a single second by failing to love you.

I want to saturate your life with love and affection to the point where there is no room for grief. I swear always to adore you without conditions.

Love you,

  • 9) My sweetheart,

My eyes are continuously searching for you, and my heart only beats for you. You are the most exceptional individual who, in every way, completes me.

Because we were destined to be together forever, I will always love you more than anyone else and stay by your side.

Love you.

  • 10) Sunshine,

The most serious lovely accident of my life has been meeting you, and I will always be grateful that it did.

You gave me access to a completely new universe where I felt loved and alive. I would have been a lost soul with no notion of what I was missing if you hadn’t been there with me.

I miss you and love you

  • 11) My love,

You are my lucky charm, and I wish I could start each day with your warm hug. You are the source of all my strength. Thus, I wish I could end my evenings with your grin.

I can’t express how much stronger and happy I feel having you close by.

Return home soon,

  • 12) Dear,

My life would have changed drastically if you hadn’t been there with me. You have poured your love into every nook and cranny of my heart.

I believe I must have done something well in my life to earn you since you have showered me with such love and care.

I will always love you, my dear.

A Couple dancing
  • 13) Sweetie,

Every second I spend with you turns into a treasured memory. Every day that goes by, my feelings for you grow stronger, and every time you smile at me, my heart skips a beat.

You are my true love, and I am very fortunate to have you in my life.


  • 14) Honey,

I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world when you hold, kiss, or embrace my hand.

Because it makes me feel so incredibly happy, there is something incredibly magical about the love we share for one another.

I’m pleased our paths collided and we found each other.

I’m honoured you chose me.

  • 15) My sweetheart,

I wish time would move more slowly when I’m with you because I want to enjoy every second I have with you.

The fact that you are mine makes you the most precious gift from the Lord. I’ll adore you forever, I swear.

Love you,

  • 16) Sweetie,

Your eyes steal my heart with their twinkle each time you glance at me. You win me over every time you kiss me.

You warm me with your affection when you hug me.

I sometimes have the impression that you are a beautiful sorceress who always puts a spell on me.

  • 17) Honey,

When I see you grin, I always smile back. Your voice is music to my ears. I feel alive when I strongly squeeze you.

I feel fortunate to be with someone as caring and nice as you. I know that life will always be blessed and joyous while you are with me.

I’ll never be able to put into words how I feel about you, but you make this world beautiful for me.

  • 18) Oh, my sweet darling,

I never thought that life could be so happy until I met you. Thanks to you, I have learned so much and felt so many different emotions.

I’ve learned to live a life free of insecurities because of the warmth and love you brought. You have grown to be both my greatest asset and my saviour.

Until the end of time, I will continue loving and supporting you.

  • 19) My love

The only thing I had ever desired was to hold your hand, and now that you are a part of my life, there is nothing else I could ever need.

May you continue to go with me on this adventure, and may this life bring us both many new experiences.

I look forward to sharing a happy and exciting life with you, my love.

  • 20) My darling

When you’re by my side, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Holding your hand gives me the confidence to achieve anything because I know you believe in me.

I can’t thank you enough but know that my heart will always belong to you, and my love for you will never fade.

Let’s meet soon,

  • 21) My Endless love,

I had no idea we’d end up together when we first met, but I’m grateful that we did. You’re the most beautiful and loving person I know, and I feel lucky to have you in my life.

I hope our love continues to grow and we remain happy together forever.

You bring colour to my life like a rainbow, and I thank God every day for sending you into my life. You mean everything to me, and my love for you will never change, no matter what happens in the future.

Your true love.

  • 22) Honey,

I don’t want anything else in life because I have you. I hope we can share all our moments, the good and the bad.

I want to start every day with your smile and end it with your love. May our love be blessed, and we stay together forever.


  • 23) My Love,

I used to wonder if true love existed, but then I met you. Loving you has been easy; you’ve taught me so much about love.

I hope we always stay together and continue to celebrate our love with the same passion we have today.

You’re always on my mind, and I cherish the memories we’ve created together. You’ve brought so much love into my life, and I’m grateful for you every day.

Your dearest,

  • 24) My Sweetheart,

Finding true love isn’t easy, but I’m lucky to have found you. Your love has transformed my life, and I’m filled with happiness every day.

You make me fall in love with you all over again and give me the strength to conquer the world.

I feel so lucky that someone as beautiful as you love me. Thank you for accepting my love.

I want to enjoy this life with you and choose to sit and savour each moment with you. I want to look into your eyes without any distractions and always want you by my side.

Love you!


Being in Love is an amazing feeling, and you shouldn’t let the “woke” ideas of the world ruin that for you. It’s a great idea always to show your partner how you feel about them.

And it doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture. Something as simple as writing a romantic love letter would go a long way.

Follow the tips already stated in this article, and you will make your lover the happiest person ever! If you don’t know where to start, you can draw on some from these people.


What should I include in a love letter to my girlfriend?

When writing a love letter to your girlfriend, be sincere and show your love, admiration, and respect.

How can I make a letter to my girlfriend special and unique?

To make your letter unique, recall happy memories, address her using her pet name, and add a personal touch like a drawing or scented paper.

What are some tips for writing a romantic love letter to my girlfriend?

Tips for writing a romantic love letter include reflecting on your feelings, being genuine, and adding a touch of humour or creativity.

How can I end my love letter memorably?

End your love letter memorably by using romantic terms, sharing a beautiful memory, or closing with a heartfelt sentiment.

What are some things to avoid when writing a romantic love letter?

Avoid negative comments, cliches, and cheesy one-liners when writing a love letter to your girlfriend.

What is the most romantic love letter ever written?

Some of the most romantic letters were written by Johnny Cash, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo, and George H. Bush, to mention but a few.