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27 Best Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles in 2023

Shuku Ghana weaving styles is a popular trend this year. You can enhance your style with little touch-ups and fancy or beautiful curves. Check out these first-class styles.

Best Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles in 2023
Best Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles in 2023

A beautiful woman is known for her hairstyle. Little wonder why ladies are always particular about it. Looking at her hair, you can know if a woman is neat and coordinated or shabby.

Suppose you see the need to look good, classic, and stunning. We have provided this article for you.

This article will show you the best Shuku Ghana weaving styles that can beat any corporate or Nigerian occasion and give you that chicky look you want.


27 Best Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles for ladies in 2023

Stop those outdated braids that don’t look so good anymore. Try out something new, innovative, and simply muaw! 

We’ve got some fancy styles here that you can attempt. These styles are sure to leave you reformed and expensive. There are no age limits to beauty. Any woman can wear it

Introducing… the best Shuku Ghana weaving styles in 2023. Stay tuned!

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles with flow curls

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles with flow curls
Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles with flow curls

If you want to be the centre of attraction for the party, then make this Shuku style. First, the neat ghana weaving brings out your face. Then the flowing curls pour gracefully to give you that expensive look. 

Try this style

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Straight Cornrows 

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles with straight cornrows
Straight Chuku cornrows

Cornrow styles are the latest styles. If you are looking for something exquisite, expensive, and cool, then go for any cornrow Shuku hairstyle. They are very beautiful and amazing.

Your cornrows may be straight, slanted, box-shaped, or even cross. However, the beautiful thing about this style is its simplicity and how it exposes a beautiful shiny scalp.

Shuku with ponytail

 Ghana Weaving Styles with Ponytail
Nigerian Shuku with Ponytail

Ponytails work well with Shuku ghana weaving. You can use any colour of Nigerian attachment to rock this style. Although this is a simple hairstyle, it can work well for any occasion. Try it out and thank me later.


Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles with curled tips

 Ghana Weaving Styles with curled tips
Beautiful Shuku with curled tips

It is a good idea to curl the tips of your braids instead of weaving them. That way, it doesn’t look regular and all around. Give your shaku this touch-up and see how fancy it looks.

Mixed coloured braids

Colored braids

You can spice up your braids by using different colours of attachment. Black and gold or purple with any other you like. 

Some people mix the colours before they braid, and that’s beautiful, but you can also braid each colour separately to give you a beautiful look.

Shuku Styles With Coloured tips

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles with coloured tips
Shuku with coloured tips

You can hype your style by using another colour of hair extension for the tips of your ponytail. While you swing the ponytail, you’ll discover how beautiful this style is.

Thick and thin Shuku braids

Shuku Ghana Weaving thick and thin Styles
Fine thick, and thin Shuku braids

A simple style for all body types. This simple big shuku ghana weaving styles does not need a lot of techniques, so it should be a low-budget hairstyle.

As a rule, make sure you increase your hair strength before making any complicated styles.

Bold Shuku braids

Bold Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles
Simple Shuku braids

This is another simple but superb Shuku style. For those that fear long salon sessions, here is something to fit your kind of person and also leave you looking stunning

You can add hair stripes if you want. White colour always works best on black braids.

Fishbone Shuku Style

Shuku Ghana Weaving fishbone Styles
Bold fishbone style

Here is something more sophisticated. Going for a top party and want to look outstanding? Then get an expert Nigerian hairdresser to give you this bad style.

If you like the goddess look, then pack it like a high bun. If not, just let it fall gracefully. 


Zig zag

Beautiful one-side zig-zag Shuku style

Here is another complicated Shuku ghana weaving hairstyle. This first-class hairstyle is top-notch for any occasion you want to attend. Although this style may cost more time and money than others, you’re sure to transform your looks after having it done.

Box Parting

Shuku Ghana Weaving Box parting Styles
Cross-box parting Shuku

Yes, you can also do box parting on Shuku. This is the hairstyle for babes and classy girls. It is a beautiful style that can be worn for corporate events or parties.

Make sure you meet an experienced Nigerian hairstylist to give you this great style.

Star like parting

Shuku with star-like parting

Try this style. Although it looks complicated, it is a very easy and fast hairstyle. Your hairstylist should be able to pull this hairstyle for you.

You’ll look good after this!

Side parting

Side parting Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles
Shuku with side parting

If you like something simple and easy, then go for this. You’ll save yourself the exhaustion of sitting all day in the salon. However, make sure the braids are neat and well-trimmed.

Straight braids

Simple Straight braids

This is one of the simplest Shuku Ghana braids, always coming up during festive seasons, and it has been around for a long time. However, it is still a good Shuku style to try.

If you have a round face, consider this as one of the styles that can reveal your beauty.

Front drops Shuku

Tribal Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles
tribal Shuku

Yeah… this is tribal, and it is beautiful to try out. Use beads on the front drops to enhance your style.

This can work for all ages, but mostly for those who feel young. If you feel young, make this style and see how stunning you become.

Side drops Shuku

Side drops shuku Ghana Weaving Styles
Beautiful girl with side drops

Side drops Shuku has become very popular. However, in its popularity, it has become a very admired hairstyle. Hence we mention it.

This style is good for birthdays, fun outings, or get-togethers with friends.



Shuku with back drop Ghana Weaving Styles
Shuku with backdrop braids

Here’s another unique Shuku ghana weaving hairstyle. With this half Shuku, you can outmatch any other hairstyles.

You can rock this hairstyle with any type of lady dress, whether you work in a cooperating firm or are a housewife. This style brings you out of your jobs and makes you look like you.

Crossed braids 

Front style cross braids

You can cross your braids on one part of the Shuku or at the centre. Using cross braids to style is better than plain hair on most occasions.

Style it like a bun, and you’re ready for any Nigerian occasion. It’s also beautiful for office work or stay-at-home chores.

High bun

High bun Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles
Simple Shuku with a high bun

Make any Shuku ghana weaving style and pack it up. You can roll it into two or three layers, depending on how high you want it to be.

A high bun gives an elegant look and fits all face shapes. 

Ponytail with bead

Shuku with beads

Put some beads the next time you make Shuku, and watch the transformation you will get. There are different hair beads. You can choose from them. They’ll make you look sweet.

Add baby curls to your Shuku, and you’ll be stunning.

Freestyle cornrows

Cornrows for ghana weaving Shuku don’t always have to be one particular style. You can slant your cornrows or bend them in any direction you prefer.

Side Shuku braids

Baby with side Shuku

Who says  Shuku braids should always be at the centre of your scalp? You can shift it to one side and still maintain a beautiful hairstyle. 

Two buns 

Two buns Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles
Neat two buns Shuku

Your girlfriend will admire this, pull this stunt and bring out the babyface in you. 


There are many ways you can change your ghana-weaving Shuku hairstyles, you can flirt with any hairstyle here, and you’ll have that stare and admiration you’ve always wanted.

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