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MTN Beta Talk Code

In this article, we will be taking a look at the beta talk code from MTN. Are you an MTN subscriber?

Do you know about the MTN beta talk code? It is arguably one of the best plans from MTN if you like making calls. The call rate is a very good one, and the bonuses are mouthwatering.


Talks have always lingered on about what type of packages MTN has to offer its customers. From data deals to good call rates, down to the bonuses, they have to offer.

As we all know that MTN is one of the best mobile networks out there and few will disagree about that. To get in on some of the packages, there are certain codes you need to dial to be part of it.

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What is the MTN beta talk Package?

MTN beta talk is a tariff from MTN, it enables their subscribers to enjoy huge bonuses to make calls, whenever they get to recharge their line. The interesting thing about the tariff is that you get to use it to call all other networks.

With this tariff, subscribers get to enjoy making calls at 40k/sec to all networks and get a 300% bonus.

Subscribers will get bonuses on recharges above 100 Naira of about 100%, and then 150% bonus on recharges below 100 Naira.

The good thing about the bonus is that it is not just only for making calls. It can also be used for data and forwarding SMS nationally.

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Code to migrate to MTN Beta Talk

Migrating to MTN beta talk is not a difficult task. You can follow the following steps to do that.

Migrating with USSD

  • To do this, dial *123#.
  • Reply to the pop-up with option number 2
  • Select the beta talk plan from the pop-up

An alternative option is to just dial *123*2*1#. This will migrate you to the MTN beta talk tariff.

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Migrating with SMS

  • Go to your SMS on your Phone
  • Send BT to 131
  • It is as simple as that. You can start to enjoy the MTN beta talk package.

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Charges for Beta Talk Code

The good thing about MTN beta talk code is that you will not be charged for migrating to the tariff.

If it is your first time on the tariff in the first month, no charges will be incurred. However, any further migrations in subsequent months will incur charges of up to N100.

If you have not migrated to any tariff in the last month, you will now be charged for migrating to beta talk in the following month.

MTN beta talk is not just very cheap, it is also one of the best tariffs they have to offer. In addition, as a subscriber of MTN, you would lose the bonus of your previous tariff when you migrate to MTN beta talk.

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How to Check Beta Talk Code Balance

To know how much is left on your beta talk code balance and your bonus balance, all you have to do is to dial *556# to check your balance.

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Unsubscribing from MTN Beta Talk Code

  • To opt out of MTN beta talk, just follow the following steps.
  • Simply dial *123# again and wait for a pop-up message
  • Select option number two
  • You can then choose a different plan from there

An alternative option for that is to dial *400# and then send. Sending this will direct you to a different plan.

Note: you will be denied migration if you do not have up to the N100 that will be charged for you to be opted out of the tariff.

This charge will also allow you to migrate to another tariff you wish to, but seeing the enjoyment you will get, you will not want to migrate.

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Checking if you are on Beta Talk Code

As an MTN subscriber, you don’t know the sort of tariff you are on or you are not comfortable with the tariff you are using.

All you have to do is to check the sort of tariff you are on by dialing *123*1*2#. This will enable you to check the sort of tariff you are on, you can then dial the beta talk code if you want to.

All the prepaid customers of MTN can also migrate to MTN beta talk and enjoy the tariff. If you don’t want that and would like to explore other tariffs, you can check out MTN Pulse, MTN Zone, MTN True Talk, and so on.

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Benefits of Migrating to MTN Beta Talk Code

As an MTN subscriber that is looking to migrate to MTN better talk, here are some of the goodies you will benefit from joining the tariff:

You get N150 airtime bonus on your line when you recharge N50. This means that you get a 300% airtime bonus for your recharge.

You also get a bonus of 300% airtime when you recharge N100 and above, plus N200 data bonus for you to browse the internet.

Now you can imagine when you recharge N1000 and above, how much bonus you will be getting.

The call rate on MTN beta talk is 40k/sec, and it only costs N4 per SMS to send messages on beta talk. All of these bundles are only available for seven (7) days.

MTN beta talk also offers incredible data bundles such as N200 for 250MB and N50 for 40MB.

Also, on your first recharge or first call of every month, you get a data bonus of 10MB to enjoy the internet.  

If you are not on the better talk tariff and you are looking for a tariff to soothe your needs, just pick up your phone and dial the beta talk code now.

You can enjoy calls to all networks and also small jara data bonus on top.


FAQs about MTN Beta Talk Code

How do I Join MTN beta talk?

Just dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131 to join

What is the benefit of MTN beta talk?

You will get a recharge bonus of 300% on beta talk to call all networks

Does MTN beta talk allow share and sell?

Share and sell is not available on MTN beta talk.

How can I use my MTN beta talk data bonus?

You cannot convert your beta talk airtime bundle to data.

How can I migrate to beta talk without paying?

Just dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131 to join

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