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Biggest achievement: Young man erects 1-room apartment on his land, says he is proud of his new home

A certain man, @1issa_m won over Mzansi with his realness about the circumstances of life after he posted a video of his new home. It showed the recent construction of his one-room, from the foundation up.

In the video, the man expressed his pride in his new home, even though others might consider it small. He acknowledged that he is still young and hopes to one day have a bigger home to brag about, so people can judge if they want.

@1issa_m’s video highlights the importance of celebrating even the smallest of victories and finding joy in one’s accomplishments, no matter how modest they may seem.

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Netizens congratulate him: Well done bro

The reaction to his post was overwhelmingly positive, with people leaving kind comments and congratulating the man on his significant achievement in building his own home.

Here are some reactions capture by battabox:

@Happy soul: “Wooow am very impressed, congratulations my skat, may the good God give you more”

@Simphiwe Mdluli359: “Biggest achievement, well done.”

@Mashembu: “A place called home.”

@Cyndie: “Well done. How many bricks did you use.”

@akon8561: “Well done brother, my worry is the M6 block on the foundation. The level of your verandah against the ground, the storm water might give you problems.”

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My boyfriend dumped me after I helped him build his home

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady shared her heartbreaking story on the internet of how her boyfriend of many years dumped her.

In a Twitter thread, the lady, @daughter of Zion shared how her estranged partner broke up with her to marry their tenant.

She met the young man when she was 20 years old and considered the man her first boyfriend. The boyfriend she had before him was a molester and her first consensual lovemaking was with the man who dumped her.