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“No one deserves to die because of how they chose to live their life” Bobrisky defends Jay Boogie

  • Popular Nigerian socialite, Bobrisky has stepped in to defend Jay Boogie, amidst a critical health crisis.
  • Jay Boogie recently began to make headlines due to a distressing medical situation.

He underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, which unfortunately led to severe complications, affecting his kidneys. The situation escalated to a point where Jay Boogie is now undergoing kidney dialysis.

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Bobrisky defends Jay Boogie

Recently, it was revealed by his friends on social media that both of his kidneys have failed, and he urgently requires a kidney transplant. This revelation has triggered a wave of reactions, both supportive and critical.

Many social media users, including actress Sonia Ogiri  implied that Jay Boogie brought this upon himself by choosing to undergo the BBL surgery. However, Bobrisky was quick to jump to Jay Boogie’s defense.

Bobrisky defends Jay Boogie

Bobrisky took to his Instagram to address Sonia Ogiri directly. In his message, he emphasized that it’s possible to make a valid point without mentioning someone’s name, pointing out that Ogiri had specifically mentioned his name in her commentary. Bobrisky didn’t hold back, criticizing Ogiri’s write-up as lacking brilliance and urging her to improve.

He revealed that no one deserves to suffer or face life-threatening situations because of their lifestyle choices. He reveals that those who wish to help Jay Boogie should feel free to do so, and those who don’t should refrain from negatively judging those who choose to extend their support.