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20+ Gorgeous Bridal Train Styles to inspire your Wedding Day

One of the best parts of any wedding is the beautiful train of bridesmaids that accompany the bride. They are called the bridal train or the bridesmaids. If you are tying the knot soon and you are searching for a style for your bridesmaids, we have carefully curated some gorgeous bridal train style inspiration for you.

Bridesmaids play a significant role in making a wedding day unforgettable. There is no doubt that having a number of beautiful bridesmaids in stunning dresses adds a lot of colour to a wedding ceremony. Bridal train styles have evolved over the years from boring, not-so-thoughtful outfits into styles that are almost as glamorous as the bride herself while still not taking the attention away from the bride.

Today’s bridal train styles are super fashionable and chic as the beautiful ladies slay in elegant colours and styles. Bridesmaid outfits come in different material types, styles, and colours. The material could range from satin to scuba to lace and sequin.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, the goal is to look stunning, elegant, fun, classy, and maybe a little bit flirty. But you have to do all these without trying to outshine the bride because the day is not about you.

Sometimes, the bride picks out a style for everyone and other times. The bridesmaids can pick out their unique style to match their body type and personality while sticking to the prescribed fabric.

Here are some of the latest bridal train styles you are bound to love.


White Bridal Train Style

White is the conventional wedding colour. It is also undeniably an elegant bridesmaid style. Gone are the days when white is reserved just for the bride. Even the bride’s train wears white these days.

The colour gives an effortless slay and also easily blends in with the bride’s outfit.


Clean, crisp shades of white bridesmaid dresses can never go out of style. They are generally flattering and versatile, and they work for any wedding you want- a small garden wedding or a big one.

bridal train

The white dress could be a simple mermaid-style dress like this one. It is simple, and also absolutely stunning at the same time. It makes the bridesmaids stand out significantly while not taking the attention away from the bride.


The white bridal train dress could also come with a slit-like this. It is equally beautiful with the mono strap twist to it. It is every shade of simple and stunning.

These extravagant sleeves on the side is also a welcome addition if you want to add a little more style to your bridal train dress so it does not look too simple.

It is now obvious that you can never go wrong with a white bridal train dress.

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Black Bridesmaids Dress Styles

Black is definitely not a colour you see at a wedding often, and a train of bridesmaids in black really makes a statement. It is a chic and flattering choice that we need to embrace more at weddings this year. You can never go wrong with a black dress.

The elegance of these black bridal train styles makes you wonder why we don’t see them more often in Nigerian weddings, most especially.

bridal train styles

bridal train

Personally, I think it is time to let go of the superstition that black outfits are used for sad events and open our minds to the beauty and elegance of the colour at a wedding.  


Peach Bridal Train Style

Another very common bridal train style is peach-coloured dresses. They are very feminine and equally flattering. They add colour to the ceremony and keep the bride at the centre of attention.

bridal train
bridal train

Bridal train dresses do not have to be long all the time. You can switch up your style with this simple, modest short dress.

Short dresses are easy to move in and also dance in, as being a bridesmaid involves a lot of dancing and moving around. You do not need your dress getting in the way of you having a good time.


Peach is a soft colour that compliments the bride’s white wedding dress and gives stunning colour coordination.

A train of beautiful bridesmaids in this stunning peach-coloured dress is definitely bound to be one of the highlights of the event.


Brown Bridal Train Styles

This is not a colour we typically associate with bridesmaid dresses, but brown is undeniably a gorgeous colour that looks exceptionally stunning on African women. From chocolate brown to earthy beige, bridesmaids all over have been donning dresses in this unexpected colour. Brown is a regal colour that needs to appear more in African weddings.

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Red Bridal Train Styles

Red is the colour of romance, and a train of bridesmaids donned in stunning red dresses definitely speaks of romance. Bridal train styles in red are a popular wedding trend, as all manner of burgundy, maroon, merlot, scarlet, and cherry shades pop up repeatedly.

Choosing red dresses for bridesmaids is a no-brainer because the hue is flattering and versatile and not to mention that it fits easily into so many gorgeous wedding colour palettes.

This bridal party in dresses is proof that hues of red are sure to look gorgeous on your girls.

A long mermaid dress and front slit combo is never a miss, especially when it is in this maroon colour.

red short bridal train

This short bridesmaid dress looks exceptionally gorgeous. It gives space for free movement while still making your girls look stunning.

Your girls would definitely love to walk you down the aisle in this red hot long dress.

This is enough proof that you cannot go wrong in red. It is the colour of romance itself, bringing out stunning colour coordination with the bride in her gorgeous wedding dress.

Green Bridesmaid Styles

Fresh, flattering, functional green bridal train dresses are a beautiful option for your bridesmaids on your wedding day. From emerald tones to olive hues and stunning sage shades, green bridesmaid dresses are one style we cannot get enough of.

Green is a colour that seems to work with any other colour scheme and looks amazing against the bride’s beautiful stunning dress.

This simple silk spaghetti strap emerald green mermaid dress is stunning.

The green colour of this dress looks amazing against the white bouquet. It gives you a beautiful coloured wedding with a train of happy bridesmaids.

This short one-shoulder bridesmaid dress looks absolutely beautiful.


Gold Bridesmaid Style

They say all that glitter is not gold, but this is not true for bridal train styles. As it turns out, all that glitters is gold.

Gold is universally flattering on just about all skin tones. A gold gown is certain to make a statement. From champagne charmeuse to shimmering sequins, the versatility in tones and materials make this colour both daring and dynamic bridal train style.

The train is beautiful, with the bride’s dress matching that of the bridesmaids. Gold is a stunning tone you should consider for your bridal train. Mermaid-style dresses are quite a common style for bridesmaids, especially when they come with slits. They are elegant and also a bit flirty.

This simple dress is also very beautiful.

A simple short dress like this one is bound to catch attention at the wedding ceremony and make it even more beautiful ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a bride’s train symbolize?

A bridal train symbolizes love and support from the bride’s friends to the bride on her big day.

What is a bridal train or trail?

A bridal train is a group of girls in a wedding ceremony that accompany the bride on her big day. They are typically young women and often close friends or relatives of the bride. They attend to the bride on a wedding or marriage ceremony day. Traditionally, bridesmaids or bridal trains were chosen from unwed young women of marriageable age.

What are the 5 types of brides?

Brides come in different personalities. Here are 5 types of brides

1. The Emotional Bride: With this type of bride, you just know it is going to be a crying fest. She’s going to be bawling her eyes out from the moment she sees her dress, prays with her mum, walks down the aisle, exchanges vows, has her first dance and dances with her dad. Her makeup artist definitely needs to be on standby at all times.

2. The Perfectionist: This type of bride wants everything to be perfect. It can be annoying at times. This bride is specific about everything and won’t let anything go wrong. 

3. The Traditional Bride: This type of bride loves to honour tradition. She prefers simple elegance over extravagance. She keeps everything as simple as possible and just wants to make the occasion as special as possible.

4. The Bag of Nerves: This type of bride just can’t keep calm. All she can think about is everything that could go wrong with the ceremony. She is constantly worrying about something.

5. The DIY Bride: This type of bride thinks she can DIY her way out of anything. She is ready to make the most of her money and is more concerned about the marriage itself than the wedding ceremony. This type of bride will most likely bake her own wedding cake, rent her wedding dress, do her own make-up, and even decorate the wedding venue herself if possible.

How do I choose my wedding style?

One thing you should keep in mind when picking a wedding design is that it is about you. The day is all about you so you should always go for a style that suits you.

It is now obvious that a train of beautiful bridesmaids goes a long way in making the ceremony beautiful and memorable. We hope this article will help you to pick out the most beautiful bridal train style for your wedding.