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Oshey iyawo Pablo: Bride surprises many as she chugs down beer on wedding day

A Nigerian woman has surprised many after she was captured drinking beer on her wedding day.

In an Instagram post, the bride took a bottle of beer and drank it at a large amount while still dressed in her ceremonial white gown as her friend does a video.

The young woman who didn’t seem to care about friends who surrounded her continued drinking.

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After several seconds of her gushing the beer, one of her friends attempted to take it from her but she held it firmly until after much pulling and convincing.

Reactions: Them no dey use clear eye enter marriage

The video had many netizens raising their brows. While some laughed and encouraged that it wasn’t a big deal, others were not comfortable with her actions. See some comments below;

@shadorazplace: Them no dey use clear eye enter marriage 😂

@xom_mie: There’s nothing wrong with that

@an_na_bella11: Women that drinks beer scare me😂😂the thing is not sweet na, how do y’all drink it with so much joy😂😂because see that bride face, she get joy as she Dey drink am😂😂

@dark_ehmma: Wife dey drink, husband dey drink. Happy married life

@official_adorable_: Mk una allow an high. Them no Dey use clear eyes do love

@bigbaby_cartoon: That will be me on my wedding day , but on a loud level😂😂😂😂😂 – I no fit carry clear eye go altar dey talk “i do “ with that gender that betrayed Jesus😂😂😂😂😂…..

@bim_bola_: An ordinary eyes no fit create madness 😁 oshey iyawo Pablo

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Bride goes on her knees on wedding day to pledge her submission to her husband

Meanwhile, Twitter users took notice of a bride after a video surfaced of her kneeling to her spouse as she made her vows to him.

The sentimental video was uploaded to the microblogging platform, and was shot on the couple’s wedding day.

In the video, the bride pledged to make a positive contribution to the marriage while falling to her knees in front of everyone.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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