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This kain woman dey naija? – Bride goes on her knees on wedding day to pledge her submission to her husband

Twitter users took notice of a bride after a video surfaced of her kneeling to her spouse as she made her vows to him.

The sentimental video was uploaded to the microblogging platform, and was shot on the couple’s wedding day.

In the video, the bride pledged to make a positive contribution to the marriage while falling to her knees in front of everyone.

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She pledged to build her home and reiterated her devotion to her husband in their marriage.

She referred to the marriage as God’s work, and resolved to be completely obedient to her husband.

Her devotion is breathtaking 

Her words: “I will become that woman that builds the home as I follow you as you follow Christ. That is the only thing that we will do in our household. And I promise and I vow that in heaven, they hear and on earth, I declare and decree, I shall be a submissive wife unto you. 

“As we continue to do this work of God, because to us, you know, this is beyond just love. This is about God, this is about kingdom, this is about our duty reflecting to the world what true marriage, what God really intends for marriage to be.” 

Her husband stood speechless as the bride made those amazing promises. Netizens were in awe of her vows and show of submission; some men longed for such treatment.

@okorolambert said: “Where can we find this type of woman in Nigeria? The ones I meet are something else.” 

@Louis225736621 wrote: “Wow. This is full assurance of commitment in the presence of the Almighty.” 

@Sirjigo commented: “While some ladies are busy calling men scums.” 

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New bride cooks fufu for large crowd on her wedding day

Meanwhile, a new bride became an internet sensation after showcasing her cooking skills on her wedding day in a viral TikTok video.

The video captured her being taken outside, dressed in her beautiful wedding gown, to demonstrate her expertise in cooking.

She was asked to perform several cooking tasks while standing among a group of women who watched her every move closely.