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The marriage ends there – Bride walks out of wedding venue after husband grinds on another lady

A viral video of the moment a bride was offended by her husband’s behavior with a woman who he danced with got people talking.

In the video, the groom’s wife was perched on a chair as he was dancing, and a female guest spotted an opportunity to flirt with him and started whining on him.

The bride, who thought the action was rude, got up and shooed the female guest off her husband.

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However, the female wedding guest returned and resumed dancing with him.

This time, the bride was forced to leave the event when the husband wrapped his hands around her waist and made her plead to come back.

This guy no try o

Netizens were displeased at the sight and shared their thoughts.

munakuhyel: “It really how women belittle themselves sometimes”.

__annyb: “The Marriage ends there + Shey she no know say nah so e be before she agree to wedding ?. May we no marry what we don’t understand.”

prince_izuu: “Guy you no try joor, respect your woman?‍♂️ if you are ready to be her man better stay single ?”.

laviva_mandi: “This is rude on all levels, not funny at all”.

dutchofsuxez: “I pity her, she Dey see the signs but ignoring them all. Both the friend and her husband should be on the watch list”.

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Beautiful lady flaunts her husband on social media

Meanwhile, curvy and beautiful lady flaunts her husband on social media, saying that she married her husband when he had no job.

The lady said when she met her husband, he had nothing and was just an undergraduate in college.

In the viral TikTok video, she explained that she didn’t marry for what he had but for what he saw in him.

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