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Brilliant little street kid solves mathematical questions in seconds, video goes viral

The video of an intelligent kid from Nigeria solving mathematics problems in Ilorin has gone viral.

The video posted by @kaotharbabatunde on TikTok depicted the little child spouting out answers to the questions like a machine.

The young kid was observed on the street, but it seemed he possessed several skills, including strong numerical abilities that were evident in the brief video.

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He was standing while a stranger in the video asked him a string of difficult math questions in quick succession.

He would not give up despite the constant barrage of questions.

The kid hawker was asked a variety of difficult questions, from addition to multiplication.

He’s so smart, he needs help

Many TikTokers were astounded by his talent and have expressed a desire to meet him and perhaps lend a helping hand. 

It was not made clear, though, whether the child attends school or if he skipped class.

@?PERRYBLINK?: “Brilliant!”

@Mancheda Kent: “If na me i don fail 8am since oo.”

@Tightrope: “A typical example of don’t judge a book by the cover.”

@mummy Bee 04: “Pls bring more of ds boy, I pray his helper would locate him here to change his story for good. I come in peace oooo.”

@ay_fressh19: “Omo if too say the child answer the last question Mehn ….. I go comot for school straight cus all what you’ve asked sev I go don miss am tay tay.”

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Netizens react to kid sharing striking resemblance with Portable

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man posted a video of a young boy who, according to him, was the son of controversial musician, Portable.

The video received different reactions online from netizens, with many confirming that the boy was a true son of his father.

In the video, a group of young men were talking to the boy who resembled the Zazuu star.