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Emotional! Brothers who have been apart for 33 years reunite, viral video evoke tears from netizens

Deby Oscar, a TikToker, has shared a touching video online of two brothers reuniting after 33 years of being apart.

Her father and his brother had moved to different countries abroad in their twenties, before Facebook and mobile phones were around.

According to Deby, her father, who often visited Nigeria, and his brother missed each other due to their busy lifestyles. Being from a large family, coordinating a gathering with all of them was often difficult.

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Emotional reactions from netizens

The father was shocked when he saw his brother at the party and couldn’t hold back his tears of joy as they hugged.

Deby feels that this is now the new reality in Nigeria, with many people trying to leave the country and not having free access to travel. To surprise her father on his 60th birthday, she and her siblings organized a reunion with his brother.

NornubariChimaobi: “This made me teary… I don’t think I can stay that long without seeing my siblings. I’ve not seen them in over a year and It’s really depressing.”

babyyellaa0089: “Did I just cry??😩😩this is beautiful to watch fr”

Tory’s Time: “Goosebumps! 🥺 Beautiful!! 🤍”

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How talented twin brothers are solving Nigeria’s electricity problem

In another story, 22-year-old 200L students of Electrical Electronics students at the prestigious university of Ibadan were out to ensure that Nigerians enjoy at least 20 hours of electricity daily by switching to solar energy.

During an exclusive interview with Battabox.com, the twins narrated how they had to hold a tough conversation with themselves on what to do next and how they could begin to fend for themselves.

Kehinde told Battabox that he prayed and fasted alongside his brother, asking God for direction, and they were about to clock 21, and responsibility was setting in.