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Build her up, you’ll need her: Obi Cubana’s wife advise men

Lush Eby, the wife of billionaire Obi Cubana, used her social media platform to write a long letter for married and single men.

The businesswoman posted a message on Instagram mentioning the unpleasant comments that her husband’s previous post had received from other men.

Obi Cubana previously shared a photo of himself and his wife in a post, in which he emphasized the need for men to make their female partners’ lives easier.

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Cubana’s wife mentioned that some of the men who commented on the post said it is typically pointless to invest time in developing a woman.

Women thrive on love and care

She emphasized, however, that while some of the submissions are true, there are still many good women in the world.

Lush Eby believes that women are merely reflections of how their husbands treat them while urging other women to work to change the perception that they can never be fully trusted to uphold their promises.

She said, “If you don’t like how she’s acting, take a look again at how you are treating her. This gender thrives on love and care.”

Reactions: Stop the blames

As expected, the post gained a lot of reactions, with many netizens agreeing with what she said. See comments below:

@sa.ndra7452: Absolutely ?  but women are beginning to stand up for themselves and men sees it as disrespect… once a woman is treated well she can give you her whole life.. we love with all our hearts and soul at same time????? CHEATING and Abuse is the major problem in home.. we all need to tell ourselves the truth and always carry out personal checks on ourselves and work on them… STOP ? the blames and work on ur marriage to make it work. 

@precious_christiana_ : Note: A woman sometimes become a reflection on how you treat her ??????

@lebusola: We multiply and amplify whatever you give us as women. You give us care, love attention, affection and many more good stuff, we multiply it. Same way you treat us bad, we show you shege! We got this exponential effect!!! 

@officialjusticefizi: …my father failed in building my mother’s up; my mother is such an aspiration woman, a hardworking woman who never gives up in struggling for her family to survive…..I’m definitely planning on how I can be able to build up the woman in my life right now when God bless me with money, so help me, God.

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Accolades as Obi Cubana Bags Doctorate Degree

In another news, the senate of Enugu state university awarded Obi Cubana an honorary doctorate in Business Administration.

Obi Cubana, regarded as one of the richest Nigerians under 40, shared his achievements on social media and would now be addressed as Dr Obinna Iyiegbu.

On his official Instagram page, he said, “Ladies and Gentlemen….You may wish to address me henceforth as Dr. Obinna Iyiegbu. Okpataozueora 1! (Dr. Of Business Administration). Thank you the mgt, staff and students of Enugu State University (ESUT).”

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