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Cameroonian teacher marries heartthrob after years of being rejected by women due to his height

After years of being rejected by women due to his height, a 39-year-old Cameroonian teacher named Kwoyela Derick wed his lover, Kahboh Patience.

Kwoyela recently made news after both local and international media were interested in his unusual love tale.

He indicated at the time that his community is quite intolerant of persons like him who have height abnormalities and that most people do not associate with him, much less marry him.

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Yet, despite the criticism she received from doubters, such as her friends who opposed their wedding, Patience accepted him totally and declared that she is prepared to stick by him for better or worse.

The couple was married in a traditional and legal ceremony on Friday, April 7, 2023 in Bali Nyonga, and in a church ceremony on Saturday, April 8, 2023 in Bamenda, North West Region.

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Beyond heights: Petite lady finds love with the tallest man in her country

Meanwhile, a petite lady has caused many reactions online as the love of her life, “Thabelo Glen Madiba,” popularly regarded as the tallest man in South Africa, paraded her as his girlfriend.

7 feet and 1 inch (2.159 metres) Thabelo Madiba, on Twitter, posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend (Funzo Mukwevho), who is just 1.5 metres.

Despite the difference in height between the two, their love seems to wax stronger and stronger, as displayed on social media.