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Canada-based Lady Warns Nigerian Ladies To Marry Before Relocating Abroad

A Canada-based lady shared on social media, warning Nigerian ladies that there are no husbands abroad.

She informed other Nigerian women who planned to move abroad not to expect to find love there.

The lady advised women to find their husbands in Nigeria or even get married before moving abroad.

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In her words on TikTok,

“There’s no husband here abroad. If you have someone you want to get married to, marry that person and bring him here. If you’re thinking you’ll find him here, it’s not possible, he’s not here.”

Netizens found her assertions amusing, while others affirmed it. Some had opinions of their own

Kadima said: “No husband for ladies but there is wife for the guys.”

Yo asked: “Boss, how do we migrate there.

Banks stated: “People get married here all the time. You guys needs to stop with this narrative.”

Coach chioma wrote: “Am in UK I found husband in the UK.”

tDD joked: “Only to bring him to Canada for him to meet his soul mate.”

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Oyinbo Lady Flies Nigerian Man To Meet Her Abroad, Rubs His Head In Car

Meanwhile, a lucky Nigerian man has flown abroad to meet his oyinbo lover, who facilitated his relocation.

The pretty oyinbo lady named @Lovepiasvibe couldn’t wait to meet her Nigerian boyfriend, that has melted her heart, so she relocated him abroad.

She shared a cute TikTok video that detailed the moment she united with her Nigerian lover in Germany.