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Chef Hilda Baci sets a new Guinness World Record by ceasing to cook after 100 hours

Hilda Baci, instead of cooking for the intended 96 hours, cooked continuously for a staggering 100 hours, a feat that has never been accomplished by anyone in history.

On Thursday,11th of May Hilda begun a four-day ‘cook-a-thon’ at Amore Gardens, Lekki, Lagos State where she aimed to cook non-stop for 96 hours, with no sleep for four nights, in an attempt to surpass the current record of 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 seconds.

After turning off her gas cooker at 4pm on Monday, May 15, 2023, the amazing Nigerian chef did not just break the previous record for the longest amount of time spent cooking by one person of 87 hours and 45 minutes which was set by Lata Tondon of India in 2019.

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She went on to set a new record of 100-hours.

She originally planned to just break the previous record for the “longest cooking marathon by an individual” with a 96-hour run, but she went further to hit a 100-hour mark.

Hilda cooked hundreds of delicious meals

At Amore Gardens in Lekki, where she set up for her record-breaking feat, Hilda cooked hundreds of delicious meals that were served to the thousands of Nigerians who came to see and cheer her up.

She won the admiration of Nigerians and the entire globe, who watched as she persisted, frequently finding inspiration in the jubilant audience around her.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, and Senator Godswill Akpabio, the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, paid prominent visits to her kitchen.

She also received excellent medical care from a team of doctors, trainers, and nutritionists who guided her through trying times, including at a point when she experienced vomiting and showed overt signs of exhaustion and fatigue throughout the four days.

Watch video below:

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Make sure you go all out for your friends also – Teddy A tackles fake people chasing clout by supporting Hilda

In another news, BBNaija’s Teddy A has tackled the majority of clout chasers who pledged support for Hilda Baci just so they can shine with her light.

Teddy A questioned if these set of people have ever shown the same level of love and support to their close friends and their business.

His subtle criticism has come after hundreds of people trooped to the venue to support Hilda Baci on her quest to break the Guinness World record for the longest-cooking time by an individual.