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Fowl no dey cry for night: Court orders chicken to be killed for disturbing neighbourhood

Kano state magistrate ordered a Nigerian man whose chicken had been disturbing the neighbourhood to have it killed.

As reported by Premium Times, the cock had the habit of disturbing the tranquillity of the neighbourhood. Not able to take it any longer, his neighbours took the case to court for it to be rightly handled.

Standing before the court, the owner of the cock pleaded that the cock should not be killed. In his defence, he stated that the cock’s crow served as his wake-up alarm.

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Even though Mr. Shu’aibu pleaded with the court to let his cock live, the magistrate, Halima Wali, didn’t listen. He ruled that the notorious cock be caged and slaughtered on Friday.

This was to ease the discomfort complained by the occupants of the neighbourhood.

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Nigerian man who secretly pays hospital bills for strangers

In other news, a Nigerian man who pays the hospital bills for poor people in secret was brought to the limelight.

In a chat with @nasdaily on TikTok, the good samaritan, identified as Zeal, walked into several hospitals and helped Nigerians who couldn’t afford their hospital bills by paying without revealing himself.

Zeal, who is just a regular guy, walked into a random hospital, met a nurse and paid for a patient’s hospital fees. Since then, he has paid more than 100 hospital bills and is still doing so.

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