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Classy Ankara Long Gown Styles for Ladies

A popular saying goes thus, “the way you’re dressed is the way you’re addressed.” Here are the latest classy Ankara long gown styles for ladies to ensure you’re addressed just right.

Classy Ankara gown styles for ladies
Classy Ankara long gown style

Ankara has been around for quite some time now and has even become a staple piece in the wardrobe of some individuals.

Maybe because it is a very comfortable clothing piece or it can fit into virtually any event —depending on the style— it has become a go-to clothing item.

In recent times, Nigerian tailors have taken the Ankara game up by a million notches, serving hawt styles back to back.

In fact, for every Owambe that you attend in Nigeria, you are sure to marvel at the amount of work that goes into making Classy Ankara Styles for Ladies, especially long gowns.

Sometimes, I ask myself, ” is it not just Ankara?” but I’ve recently learned that it’s more than just a style. It’s a statement.

What really is Ankara?

Ankara is a clothing material, also called African wax, famous for its bright and bold colours and different patterns, either asymmetrical, floral, geometrical or even animal.

These elements are combined in different proportions, colours and sizes to make Ankara what it is.

Different Styles Of Ankara Gown
Ankara combination

The shades and varieties range from flowy silhouettes to more tailored fits and can be combined with several other materials, such as lace, organza, chiffon, velvet, etc., to make even bolder statements.

The versatility of this material makes it suitable for every occasion, be it a birthday party, wedding ceremony, church service, etc.

There are also Ankara styles that you can wear to the office and you’ll definitely have heads turning in your direction.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of attention, you might want to stop reading— nah, you won’t even be here if you don’t like attention— even a little bit of it.

Okay, agreed. You might not like attention, but everyone likes to be complimented once in a while, even if it’s something as simple as “I love your dress,” especially if that compliment is coming from a child.

I know I’ll feel like I’ve won a jackpot if a child compliments me —because those human species are brutally honest and would only say they like something if they really do.

So if grabbing attention is not your thing, I apologize in advance because the classy Ankara long gown styles for ladies addressed in this article are sure to leave heads turning in the wake of your footsteps.


How to Choose the Best Ankara Style for You

Generally, a guideline to follow when choosing your Ankara would be to buy something in a colour that matches your skin tone, but let’s face it, people selling Asoebi don’t care if it suits your skin tone or not.

They want you to buy it, and lucky for you, black is beautiful and matches every colour in the spectrum.

So you really don’t have to worry about whether or not the colour matches because you can be sure that it will match.

So what should you really consider when choosing the style for you?

In my opinion —and emphasis on my opinion, because someone else might have a different train of thought, and of course, that’s fine;

The first thing to consider is your shape, and probably even the most important thing.

As a lady, one thing that’s unique to you is the shape of your body.

Yes, there are body classes, the apple (or inverted triangle), the rectangle, the pear (or spoon) and the hourglass, but all bodies are different. However, there are general guidelines to follow.

This article, unfortunately, doesn’t cover the scope of how to dress your body type, but you can find more information about that here.

If you’re unsure what your body type is, there are tests online that you can also take to be sure.

It’ll require you to know your burst, waist, upper and lower hip measurements, but the results will help you make better style choices.

Its important to understand your body shape so that you don’t suffer one of those ‘what you ordered vs what you got situations’, when the style doesn’t come out looking like what you hoped it would look like.

But again, that’s just my opinion, and if you don’t care about it, you can wear whatever you please as long as you have the confidence to carry it.

But let’s also not pretend that there’s added confidence when you know that you look hawt!

I mean, it’s easier to smile at that guy or pretend not to know that he’s looking at you and swing your hips in his line of view to torment him, aka flirting, lol!

And that brings me to my second guideline when choosing your style; make sure you’re comfortable.

Yes, beauty is pain, but it doesn’t have to be.

Just because you want to look snatched doesn’t mean you should restrict your airflow, or just because you want to accentuate your shape doesn’t mean you should risk ripping the dress when you try to sit down.

Dear ladies, Classy gown styles— Ankara or not, long or short should not mean dying, please.

Also, if the style makes you uncomfortable —maybe there’s too much cleavage or it’s too short— don’t wear it.

And I say this because, everyone can notice your uneasiness when you’re either trying to pull the dress up to cover your cleavage or pull it down, so its a little longer.

One more tip is to wear your Ankara long gown style with confidence, so whatever classy style you choose, ladies, make sure you can confidently rock it!

Trust me when I say that your confidence makes you look a thousand times more attractive in that dress than the dress itself, but again, make sure you’re confidently wearing class, not chaos.

Classy Ankara Long Gown Styles

This list contains some of the most popular and recent Ankara styles that are both classy and chic and would have people staring at you in awe.

1. Straight Long Gown

Straight long gown

The beauty of this dress is its simplicity and the fitting. The design is a simple straight cut but with a slit at the back to enable movement.

The style can be elevated in different ways, either by sewing on the peplum, raglan, bishop, puff, or even by cutting different necklines.

The beauty of this dress depends on you and your fashion designer and whatever style of sleeve, neckline or extra accessories you choose to add.

In my opinion, this style works perfectly for people with hourglass and pear body shapes as it emphasizes their slim waists and accentuates their figure.

However, if you’re not in this body shape category, you can still wear this outfit if you choose because I’ve not come across someone whose this style didn’t look good.

Wrap straight long gown

2. Fishtail gown

Fishtail Ankara dress

When you choose this style, be prepared to carry the fishtail extension in your hands like a bride or sweep your entire street on your way to and back from the party.

I might be exaggerating, but the fishtail part of this dress is really what makes it unique and beautiful.

The dress also accentuates your curves and, somewhere around your knees, flows all the way to the ground and extends at the back of your legs, so it looks like a fishtail. The beauty of this dress is in the spreading at your feet.

I think it gives this majestic look like you’re attending your coronation instead of a party. So ladies, if you’re looking for a classy Ankara long gown style, this might just be the one for you.

However, I’ll be bad if I don’t warn you beforehand that this style consumes your material.

A requirement for the fishtail to look just like it should is to have quite a lot of material in it so that the 4 yards you’re holding won’t work.

Latest Ankara long gown styles for ladies
Layered fishtail dress

Don’t go and beg your tailor to ‘run am’ for you. It will end in a serious case of what you ordered vs what you got.

Also, you might want to be wary around crowds because if someone steps on ‘your tail’, it’s either your face or your cloth on the ground.


3. Corset long gown

In the middle ages, the corset was a close-fitting undergarment, usually with laces and hooks, worn by women (and sometimes men) to create the appearance of a tinier waist or midriff.

It originated in Europe and was no longer used for some time but has resurfaced in Ankara fashion.

Classy Ankara long gown styles for ladies
Corset ankara dresses

The corset dress is a trending classy Ankara long gown that hugs the midriff and accentuates the hips.

This style has become a go-to for many ladies because it gives off a more attractive look. It might not be the most comfortable of dresses, but the look of it is giving!

A lot of detail goes into the making of the corset.

And it’s usually made with the Ankara material or any other material such as velvet or lace. Because it is the main focus of this dress, if it’s not done right, the whole look might just be messed up.

Not many tailors are good with this, but if you find one who can make it, it might cost quite a lot, so be prepared.

Styles Of Long Ankara Gown
Corset dress with slit

This style can also be elevated with the sleeves or even the dress skirt. That’s a decision that your stylist should make.

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4. Straight gown with drape

This style is a variation of the straight gown.

The defining feature of this dress is the drape— which is a material sewn in loose layered folds around the hip, and the excess of the material is left to fall at the side.

Classy Ankara Long Gown Styles for Ladies
Straight gown with drape

The drape can be made out of the Ankara material, but it is advisable to be made out of different materials like chiffon because it would be obvious and would make the style pop!

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The dress gives a classy vibe, and the falling drape gives the illusion of bigger hips, so yes, this one is definitely a go-to.

Ankara dress with drape

5. Straight gown with fringe or flounce

This style is an elevation of a straight gown but with a bigger twist—literally.

This style uses either the same Ankara material or any other materials to form fringes at the side of the dress. The fringe is either twisted or straight and usually forms layers at the sides.

Straight gown with fringe

This dress is bound to turn heads in your direction, as the fringes have no choice but to move in the direction of your hips, add that confidence to the mix, and you’ve made the magic of classy Ankara fashion!

Straight gown with twist fringe
Ankara dress with flounce

6. Ankara Maxi Dress

Ankara maxi dress with slit

This dress literally says ‘classy aunty’, because the ball it forms makes you look like you were picked out of a Classic Cinderella party in Disney land and placed in an Owambe in Lagos.

Ankara maxi dress

This dress can be spiced up with a slit in front— which, by the way, is my favourite aspect of it— and with bogus sleeves too.

Ankara maxi dress with slit

Just wear it and think of yourself as Cinderella in Ankara and find— no, wait for your prince charming to come to you.


7. Bubu Ankara Dress

You need car keys, Gele, top-notch make-up, gold rings, bangles and chains for this style because nothing says ‘rich aunty’ like this dress.

Bubu Ankara dress

The dress is basically a free straight gown, although sometimes elevated with butterfly sleeves or a belt.

It is classy— if you have the right figure for it. If not, you’re just going to look like your obese great-grandma sent you a gift from heaven.

A gift that you hate, but you have to pretend to like it.

This dress works well on ladies that are a little on the big side, the ladies y’all call plus size.

In my opinion, for some reason, this dress makes women wearing it look like they have some authority in their hands as they could be in powerful positions, but they just chose to attend your party.

Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a very simple dress —I don’t know, really, but whatever it is, it makes it work. Don’t go for it if you don’t have money, though. If not, billing will fall on you.

8. Infinity dress

Infinity dress

This dress is usually long and flowing. The skirt part of the dress can either be full or not and can even be sewn as high-low.

The most exciting part of this dress and the feature that has given it its name is the upper part of it.

Styled infinity dress
Infinity dress with slit
Other ways to style infinity dress

The upper part is basically just two long extensions which stretch into infinity to form the upper bodice, neckline and sleeve.

The two long extensions can then be tied into any style attainable to achieve a different style every time. So you could wear this same dress five times, and no one will know!

Short Ankara Dress Styles

In case wearing long dresses is not your thing. You can still look classy in short dresses. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Short Ankara Dress styles
Trendy Ankara Gown Styles for Ladies

Where’s the Party At?

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter where the party is going to be, and it could even be that there’s no party and you feel like dressing up, whatever it is, ensure that you look good and are comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

Keep your eyebrows on fleek, tie your Gele so that it will wound everybody and make sure you enjoy the time of your life. You only live once!