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Comrade, Nigeria’s King of Vawulence

Chances are, if you are on Nigeria’s Twitter, you have seen this Comrade multiple times. In fact, scratch that; you’ve definitely seen it, and if you claim not to, then you need to explain what you’ve been doing. And show us your browsing history.

The Comrade appears wherever there is chaos, in a bid to cause more rogbodiyan! The Grand Commander of vawulence, you will always find him when trouble is brewing. And no, he’s not there to sue for peace. Oh, no! With him, petrol goes into the fire.

Comrade has a very weird way of relating to every issue, having the perfect expression and escalating the issue at hand.

Comrade: The Origin

Originally created by an American artist and cartoonist named Matt Furie in 2005, the original photo’s name is Pepe the frog. It was originally an amazing meme known as the “feel good frog” in 2008.

However, since then, the character has undergone multiple changes, including a more unhappy and violent meme.

On November 8th, 2014, the Pepe frog went viral but not for reasons you might think. Katy Perry tweeted a picture of Pepe crying with the caption “Australian jet lag got me like” . The photo had over 16,509 likes and 10,000 retweets. 

The original tweet.

After this, people started using the frog to express themselves, mostly negatively. So much so that in 2016, the image was added to the Anti-Defamation League’s database of hate symbols

This was the last known record of it until it surfaced on Buhari’s Twitter.

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Becoming The Comrade

In a war between fans of popular artistes, Davido and Wizkid, Wizkid’s fans compared Davido’s voice to a frog and used Pepe the frog’s image for emphasis. Since then, Pepe was renamed “The Comrade” by Nigerians and featured in some hilarious memes. 

Comrade became a tool to deflect when topics are uncomfortable in the Nigerian Twitter space. As a result, some people are strongly against the use of the meme, even going as far as to argue that it has become a weapon of bullying, misogyny, and suppression. 

Notwithstanding, it is still a very popular meme amongst the larger populace. 

Some hilarious Comrade memes

Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
As the king of vawulence, it’s only right that he bestows it upon everyone
Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
For here comrade

This comrade is not a lover of peace, at all. He is always ready to scatter any form of tranquility. For here? You are joking.

Vawulence pro max

There is vawulence, there is vawulence pro and there is vawulence pro max. Whenever you see this comrade, please note that peace cannot be found in that environment. Everyone is about to give each other gbas gbos and you should take cover if you don’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

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Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
Calm down comrade

Sometimes, a comrade begs another comrade to chill on the vawulence. It’s not every time wahala; sometimes even a comrade wants peace.

Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
Because why comrade go dey see F? F as in fantastic?

As a brilliant comrade, you recognize your result when you see it. And this, is definitely not it.

I burn for you.

Why are you running? Comrades don’t rush. They walk with confidence.

Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com

This meme is the best definition of “ija wa, ija osi”. You can use this when you want the person you are speaking to, to understand that you can change it for him or her at any time.

No arguments comrade.
Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
Surrender comrade

Even the king of vawulence has to throw in the towel sometimes.

Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
Generous Comrade

The sweet might be wrapped in vawulence but all we know is that comrade is in a good mood. And everyone must collect.

Peace please
Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
Comrades in love

What do you think happens when two comrades come together? Vawulence begat vawulence.

Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com
Comrade, Nigeria's King of Vawulence - battabox.com

How to create Comrade memes

If you are a minister of vawulence and you would love to contribute your quota to the daily dose of rogbodiyan on these streets, then step in here. 

Step 1: Download Pepe The Frog, the original comrade. Ensure you download the clear HD version here.

Step 2: DOWNLOAD Any Editing Photo App. However, we recommended you use Cupace

Step 3: Add the Meme to the photo. If you’re creating a comrade meme, it might be wise to get extremely hilarious photos or thought-provoking ones. 

You can also look up sites like pixels, which let you download free funny photos. Or you can get from the hilarious photos of people ON Twitter TL.

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Could Comrade be a reaction to something deeper?

It’s no news that Nigerians are masters of cruise. Everything is funny to us. We use laughter as a means to hide pain and turn to jokes to mask deeper feelings. 

The use of memes has been observed by some as a cultural signer of pain, anger, or other negative emotions in many people. People use comrade memes in the most severe of conditions.

The moment issues get serious, Nigerian use memes to lighten the situation until it ultimately disappears under the carpet. This is probably one of the reasons a few Nigerians do not like the memes and do not want to associate with them. 

But we all know that “all na yarns” and truth is, these memes are not going anywhere anytime soon.