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The ceremony only took 10 mins: Couple spends $200 on wedding

A beautiful couple has decided to save costs as they tied the knot with less than $200 in a courthouse to live the rest of their lives as husband and wife.

The couple decided to have a small wedding ceremony amongst themselves and the court marriage officer, which lasted only 10 minutes.

In a video shared on Twitter, the groom wore a fine suit while the bride wore a beautiful white maxi gown. Overall the duo looked dashing.

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A voiceover in the video explained what transpired at the ceremony. The caption read, “Getting married in the courthouse. The ceremony only took 10 minutes. Cost less than $200 I partnered with God to choose my partner and he exceedingly abundantly above what I requested.”

@BlackTzedek, who shared the clip on the micro-blogging platform, said the couple were wise enough to cut costs adding that Americans go into debt just to have a wedding.

The Tweep said, “Nearly half of Americans go into debt just to have a wedding, and financial stress is still a leading cause for divorce. Just something to think about as you watch this. Looks like two people had wise priorities here.”

Reactions: A wedding albeit expensive, is a memory for many that last beyond the grave

The controversial topic had several netizens sharing their experience and thoughts. While many netizens applauded the couple for doing a small wedding, others argued that weddings are memories and should be celebrated. See some comments below;

@TheThomasDeLaus: Wise priorities? People are willing to have a $500/$1000+ a month car payment just for the sake of the image and it truly means nothing. A wedding albeit expensive, is a memory for many that lasts beyond the grave. The leading cause of divorce is not hand in hand wedding cost.

@melafela: I trust this wedding more than any extravagant affair as there is no correlation between size of wedding and the length and quality of marriage. Bravo to this couple. Wishing them the best. ???????

@FBA_Makandal: Something I will do. I would rather save up to buy my queen a house as a wedding gift

@Browntykilla: I got married in court building also ??‍♂️?

@EeDiva_: They look beautiful and happy. This is a wonderful and intimate wedding, unless you are wealthy or have wealthy parents who are fronting the costs. Congrats to them!

@EvaGeorge919: True. Hubby/I spent LESS than 1k on wedding. At a church w/ pastor, our parents, sisters, and his nephew. Reservations after, at our fav restaurant. Spent abt 2k on week-long Caribbean honeymoon. Happily married 19 yrs! Big wedding is expensive, stressful and to us unnecessary.

@imperious_jazz: I always say do what works best for your family & household. Don’t pay attention to what others are talking about or doing… What works for others may not work for you, and vice versa.

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Couple hold simple wedding ceremony with 3 guests

Meanwhile, another groom and bride surprised many with their simple wedding ceremony with just three guests in attendance.

The newlyweds held their wedding in a quiet church ceremony devoid of the flash and glamour present at most weddings.

The lovely couple chose not to wear the regular bridal gowns and suits other couples wear to celebrate their big day.

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