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Cubana Chief Priest’s wife leaves the country with sons, video sparks reactions

The spotlight has been turned to the family of Cubana Chief Priest after his wife left the country with their sons.

The Nigerian celebrity barman, whose real name is Pascal Chibukike Okechukwu, has become more popular since allegedly engaging in an extramarital affair.

In a clip trending on Instagram, the wife, Angel, is seen at the airport with her sons, set to take their flight.

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Don’t leave your husband for any Egyptian

Cubana Chief Priest was accused of having a child outside wedlock with a Kenyan woman. This news has thrown his marriage into murky waters lately.

Even though the scandal has made news headlines all over the net, Cubana’s wife has not said anything about the issue. She has been reticent about the whole matter and has left the matter to die down.

Her silence, accompanied by this trip out of the country with her kids, has sparked some reactions from netizens:

@saint_lovinae: “What is this woman’s fault now ? Please stop disrespecting her and know that it’s a tough one for any woman to deal with. Angel my darling, this one shall pass. Don’t leave your husband for any Egyptian.”

@bukabiks: “Some miscreants are here insulting and trolling this innocent woman, as you all are here to@make this woman sad, you will be sad for the rest of your lives, how is this story her business, was she the 1 that slept with the girl?”

@nickiswears_collection_: “U are not even suppose to post in this moments, yes I know is hard to dilute avoid social media for now.”

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Build her up, you’ll need her: Obi Cubana’s wife advises men

In other news, Lush Eby, the wife of billionaire Obi Cubana, used her social media platform to write a long letter for married and single men.

The businesswoman posted a message on Instagram mentioning the unpleasant comments that her husband’s previous post had received from other men.

Obi Cubana previously shared a photo of himself and his wife in a post. He emphasized the need for men to make their female partners’ lives easier.