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Davido Only Has 3 Hit Songs’- Daniel Regha

  • Davido Should Focus on Hit Music
  • He doesn’t Require Grammy to prove Himself

According to Daniel Regha, a Twitter Special Adviser, Davido doesn’t require a Grammy or any international award to validate his talent.

Instead, he emphasizes the importance of Davido focusing on his music and expanding his repertoire.

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Daniel Regha points out that while Davido has produced three undeniable hit songs, the rest of his tracks may be popular but lack the same impact.

Daniel Regha|

Regha’s statement highlights the notion that winning awards doesn’t necessarily define an artist’s success or talent. Instead, it is the quality and enduring appeal of their music that truly matters.

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By acknowledging Davido’s existing hits, Regha suggests that the key lies in consistently delivering exceptional music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.


While international recognition is often seen as a significant achievement, Regha implies that Davido’s true measure of success should be his ability to consistently create impactful and memorable songs.

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Daniel Regha’S perspective encourages Davido to focus on honing his craft and producing more exceptional tracks, rather than solely chasing prestigious accolades.

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