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Dating In Lagos On a Sapa Budget: 10 Cheap Ways To Make It Work

Dating in Lagos is not for the weak. We all know love is sweet o, but when money enters, love is sweeter! 

This is proof that sapa and love do not go together. But what can man do when sapa refuses to leave your neck and unfortunately for you, you have sniffed the love in the air? On one hand, you are battling for your daily living, on the other hand, your significant other is wondering why you are not going on dates in Laygurrrss! 

Obviously, Lagos restaurants cannot be within your budget, but there are other places you can go and have a nice time with your partner without breaking the bank. 

That is if you have the bank to break.

To help your love life, here are 10 ways you can spice up dating in Lagos on a sapa budget in Lagos. 

Dating in Lagos: Top 10 ideas

1. Go on an Amala Date

What better way to enjoy a sapacious date than at a buka? Amala in most Lagos bukas costs N100 per potion; the soup comes free usually and you can order whatever protein you want.

Dating In Lagos On a Sapa Budget - battabox.com

Amala dates are actually romantic, if you think about it. There’s no need to mind your manners as you are both already eating with your hands. And it’s very nice to gist while someone is sucking stock from ogufe. All in all, you might not spend more than N3000 for a chill amala date. 

And even at the worst, no matter how fine the buka or restaurant is, you cannot spend more than N10,000.

So yes, Amala date is your go-to for a sapafied date. 

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2. Visit the Beach

The only problem with this is that most beaches in Lagos now cost an arm and come with conditions that cost a leg. From gate fees to corkage fees, sapafied people can no longer get a break.

Dating In Lagos On a Sapa Budget - battabox.com

However, there are beaches in Lagos with cheap entry fees, some as low as N2000 naira. Food and transportation will probably take this up to about N5000 – N8000, depending on where you live. 

If the sapa choke gannnnn, you can save towards it. 

Between the both of you, you can make a 15,000 naira date happen. Dating in Lagos don dey clear abi e no clear?

3. Plan a Picnic

Picnics are cute and very romantic. And additionally, they are pocket friendly. Most parks in Lagos are free, like Freedom Park and JTT

Dating In Lagos On a Sapa Budget - battabox.com

The good thing is that you can come with your own food. So, a date with homemade meals is quite affordable and it gives you a chance to bond over cooking it. 

The only downside is that you may have to pay corkage fees. 

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4. Take a Long Walk

You know how in movies people meet and then they go on long walks holding hands? You can do that too. 

Apart from being very romantic, it’s a good way to get to know the person. Dating in Lagos can mean having a nice conversation about your lives and hobbies while you explore new places around you. 

Really sweet stuff.

Just make sure the person you are taking a walk with likes you, or they just might take a long walk to freedom. Freedom from you! 

4. Take a long walk

5. Visit an Art Gallery

If you are both creative types, you can check out a local art gallery. 

Explore your creative sides. Art galleries in Lagos are free and those with fees are not expensive. Talking N1000 – N2000. 

6. Attend a Spoken Words Event

Again for the creative ones. There is something about the power of words, even in a madhouse like Lagos.

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Try attending a spoken word event, especially those ones where the speaker calls on the audience to speak a piece randomly. 

You get to explore your creative side and also see how creative your partner is. 

7. Visit the cinema 

This might sound cliché but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Cinema dates have worked for those before us and they will work for us and those after us too. Dating in Lagos and cinema dates are like five and six.

7. Visit the cinema 

Choose a movie you are both interested in, pick an affordable cinema close to you and just go see it together. 

Note, though, that this is a terrible idea for a first date though as you probably will not be able to have a meaningful conversation unless you go for lunch after. But since you are operating on a sapa budget, that may not be doable. 

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8. Go karaoke

Karaoke is a great idea for a date as well. There are places as cheap as N2000 and you get to just relax and sing to your date. 

It’s also good for getting rid of any shyness and bringing people out of shells. A win-win if you ask anyone. 

9. Lekki Conservation Centre

Dating in Lagos can also include visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre.

9. Lekki Conservation Centre

It’s quite affordable. You can take a long walk in the canopy, explore nature, play games, or even have a picnic. 

10. Stay in your house – Netflix and Chill

10. Stay in your house - Netflix and Chill
Hmmm! Lamba de samba

The only problem now is that since sapa is choking you, you might not be able to afford to pay for Netflix. So perhaps you will do YouTube, with some garri and groundnuts. 

But seriously a home date is not a bad idea if you’re dating in Lagos. That is if you are comfortable with staying alone with your date. It’s a very chill way to observe the person in their environment and see them comfortable in their space.

Dating in Lagos On a Final Note

There are many ways to do this sapa date thing in Lagos. You simply have to be creative about it. Take your time to think about what your person likes and plan based on that. 

But please and please, ensure that the person you are extending all this energy to loves you. Because that’s the only way any of these will make sense to the person.