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Chioma and I did not deserve it: Davido opens up for the first time about Ifeanyi’s death

For the first time since the death of Ifeanyi, Davido’s son, the popular singer finally talked about how he coped with the tragic loss.

The 30-year-old musician who just released his album praised friends, family and fans for his successful comeback following the death of his 3-year-old son, Ifeanyi.

In an interview with CNN, Davido shared that he didn’t check his phone for weeks after the death of his son but when he decided to, he saw messages from different people around the globe who urged him to be strong and supported him.

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He added that even friends he hadn’t spoken to for years reached out to him and lamented that if everyone deserved the devasting loss, he and his wife Chioma don’t deserve it.

Davido said the support and love he got from these people made him stand up on his feet and continued what he loves doing which is music.

“One thing that has helped was the support from everybody, people that I haven’t spoken to in years. Everybody knows that me and Chioma didn’t deserve that,” Davido said.

“The support I got from people was one of the things that helped me stand up again, I remember I couldn’t open my instagram for like three weeks. one day I checked and I saw from every kind of person in the world, from politicians to sportsman, to other musicians and presidents. That was one thing that really made me stand up and get back to the studio and get back to what I do and what I love,” he stated.

Reactions: This your statement is wrong, no one deserves such pain

The video created a left a controversial reaction from netizens. While many criticized Davido for his statement, others quickly defended him by stating that he didn’t mean it the way social media users assumed. See some comments below;

@prosidance_beauty: Even if anyone in the world kind of deserve that, him and Chioma doesn’t deserve it, “what kind of statement is that?” Abi Na me no hear well? No one deserves such pain but life throw what it like to us to deal with.

@bimbola_babs: You all should calm down! Davido might not have gather the words well in that context. But then we still understand his point. We all don’t wish anyone that kind of occurrence, but there is this saying by Yoruba people ‘’if you didn’t spoil anyone’s life or stopped a child from succeeding ‘’ then you don’t pray such to happen to your own child. So if he is certain of his good deeds, Davido might be speaking from that angle. Simply means, there are people who have done so much evil, killed other people’s children yet they are still alive and their children too. Let’s be real, some people in the habit of pure evil might deserve it.

@modupesanwoolu: Bro nobody deserves it oo.. this your statement is really wrong

@qween_nhaomy: If you haven’t lost someone you really really love & know is a good human, u won’t understand the statement😢 It’s from a place of pain. I remember losing my friend 2months ago & had the same thought so I understand him. Not like he’s wishing anyone the pain of loosing their child🙏

@akinwoleakintoye: Davido! Nobody deserve that kind of experience. I love you more than this comment. People gather round you because of your influence and affluence. Some people lost their mental health because of this kind of situation and they haven’t recover from it.

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Davido is back: OBO releases date for new album

Davido gave his fans joy by officially reopening his Instagram page with the announcement of releasing a new album. 

The talented musician, who had been silent for a while finally broke the silence by announcing the release of his album.

Recall that the music star sometimes deleted all posts from his Instagram official page after the death of his beloved son, Ifeanyi.

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