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Daylight robbery: After borrowing 54k to pay for financial miracle prayers, woman finds herself stranded in debt

Evarline Okello from Kibera has entered serious debt after borrowing money for sowing seed for a financial breakthrough to a Nairobi pastor. 

The woman who referred her to the man of God assured her that his powerful prayers would cause her finances to stabilize in a matter of weeks.

She stated that when she heard that a pastor would pray for her to have a financial breakthrough, she had trouble supporting her family. 

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The loan increased to N137k

However, there was a requirement that Evarline had to fulfill which was making a “seed offering” of N54,000.

She claimed that she would return the money in a couple of days and that the person who told her about the clergyman spoke at length about how powerful he is.

She took out a loan from a friend on her behalf because she had faith that things will be better in the future.

When she noticed that her financial situation had not improved and had really worsened, she realised that she had been duped. Due to unpaid interest, the debt her friend took out on her behalf grew out of hand and is now worth N137,000.

“I have no idea how I’ll pay the money back, and my friend stopped talking to me. Things have become so difficult I have lost all hope,” she lamented. 

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Lady rejoices as man her parents forced her to marry, defrauds them

In another news, Nigerian lady named Juls recently shared a story on her Twitter page about how her husband defrauded her parents. 

According to her, her family had introduced her to a potential husband she did not like, and they kept pressuring her to marry the man. 

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the man defrauded her parents of a huge amount of money.

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