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Don’t be scared of marriage – Nigerian man advises netizens

  • A Nigerian man encouraged netizens to not be scared of marriage.
  • He shared that there were far more important things to be scared of.
  • Netizens agreed that marriage is beautiful but having the right partner could blur its beauty.

A Nigerian man advised netizens not to be scared of marriage but listed something else to be scared of.

He shared in a tweet that rather they should be scared of what they might experience if they marry the wrong spouse.

He added that this was all the more reason why couples should date with all sincerity and seriousness.

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The man added that it was better to have a broken relationship than a failed marriage.

Don’t be scared of marriage – Nigerian man advises netizens

Don’t be scared of marriage

Netizens agreed that it wasn’t wise to be scared of marriage rather they ought to date intentionally.

@omanaveed: “Marriage is cool and believe me we all are facing hard time In it and I believe agba also had or still have his own challenges but it’s only maturity and understanding will allow us steer across it daily


@ugootweets: “Marriage is Gods design for man & woman. If done correctly, the outcome is more fulfilling than anything else.”

@egilamoses: “It’s important to take relationships seriously and date with sincerity. We all want to find someone who is right for us,… As for me, i’m not willing to settle for less.”

@bglobal001: “Marrying the wrong partner will hit the ground of your marriage running as naija economy de run now.”

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Nigerian man make lists of women that are not happy in marriage

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man made a list of women who were not happy in marriage to the shock of netizens.

He shared the list of such women whom he suspected were unhappy in marriage.

In the list, women who paid bills in the home were seen to be the most unhappy.