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Don’t post your nudes! Nigerian lady gets dragged on social media for shutting religious father down

A Nigerian lady has been dragged on social media for disrespecting her father after kind rebukes for her indecent posts online.

The lady, identified as @_Hydonni on social media, took to Twitter to react to a tweet posted asking people to share conversations they’ve had with their parents.

Reacting to the tweet, she shared how difficult having a conversation with her father can be as a result of his constant criticisms and judgment of her lifestyle.

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She went further to share screenshots of her conversations with him. The photos revealed how her father had rebuked her for posting n3de photos of herself on Twitter.

One could also read the advice he had given his daughter against sharing private and sensitive photos of herself online.

Don’t you think your body is valuable?

He further explained that things considered to be of value are usually concealed and not exposed to the public eye.

He also proceeded to share religious materials with her, asking for her thoughts concerning the afterlife if she would continue to leave life waywardly. 

Apparently, it was at this point that the lady got offended at her dad, and began to berate her own father for trying to warn her against her life choices.

See photos below, 

Social media reactions

Netizens were taken aback by the lady’s ill choice of words used at her father following his much needed rebukes.

Many were of the opinion that she had acted disrespectfully towards her father. Following the overwhelming bashing from netizens, she deleted the tweets.

See some comments below,

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Nigerian women are more fortunate with men – UK-based Nigerian lady cries out

Meanwhile, a UK-based Nigerian lady has taken to social media to strongly assert that Nigerian women tend to be pampered more by men than those outside the country.

The Nigerian lady, identified as Anike Banks, opined that in contrast to what is usually done in Nigeria, men in the United Kingdom don’t offer money to women openly and quickly.

Rather to her, men in England are stingy with their finances.