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BBNaija’s Doyin Says She’s Cool with a Cheating Partner

BBNaija’s Doyinsola David, also known as Doyin, has revealed that she is cool with staying with a cheating partner, as long as he still loves her.

In a recent episode of her podcast, Doyin’s Corner, The reality star’s statement has sparked controversy and generated mixed reactions from fans and followers.

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BBNaija’s Doyin love and relationship on her podcast

During the podcast, which featured Beauty Tukura and Modella as guests, she explained that loyalty and faithfulness are two different things.

She argued that a partner could still be loyal to her even if he cheats, as long as he still loves and cares for her.

She said, “My partner can love me but still cheat on me. But I don’t think that because he has cheated, he doesn’t love me. For me, my definition of loyalty is not, don’t cheat me.

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BBNaija’s Doyin say’s that she id okay with a cheating partner

Her statement has generated a lot of criticism from people who believe that cheating is unacceptable and that loyalty includes being faithful.

Others, however, have defended her, saying that everyone has their own preferences and that it is up to individuals to decide what they can tolerate in a relationship.

Regardless of the opinions, Doyin’s statement has sparked a conversation about the dynamics of relationships and what constitutes loyalty and faithfulness in a partnership.

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