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Even if it’s one word, just say it — Fan cries out as Davido makes post and deletes it moments later

A female fan of Nigerian contemporary singer, Davido, cried her eyes out in a video as Davido made a post and deleted it.

The absence of the famous and widely accepted singer from the internet and social media has left his fans worried.

One of his female fans shared a video of her crying after she saw him appear online, dropped a post and deleted it almost immediately.

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The brief appearance by Davido has left the internet in a state of unrest, especially his fans. It is obvious that they are very desperate to see him again.

Through his posts, stories and involvement on the social media space, Davido has kept his fans entertained – outside music.

This is what they have missed, alongside the fact that they are worried if he is fine at the moment.

The female fan who saw his brief appearance online was moved with tears. She said in her video:

“Guys Davido is online; he deleted his post. Please, Davido, say something, even if it’s Shekpe; even if it’s one word, just say please.”

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Davido makes declarations from the Bible

Meanwhile, in a trending video, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, warmed many hearts on social media after he declared from scriptures.

In the short clip, he held a bible and quoted parts of the scriptures while a friend recorded and hailed him on camera.

The person behind the camera was heard hailing him after he finished the biblical declaration.